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Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | Commuter | cinelli mash sf sram profile design fixed gear fixie track
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2010 Cinelli Mash / 53 / 2010

Profile Design Cobra Wing (42") / Cinelli Pista

Cinelli Carbon Fiber / Campagnolo Standard

Mavic Open Pro 32h (Silver, 3x) / Shimano Dura-Ace Track / Continental Gatorskin (700x23)

Mavic Open Pro 32h (Silver, 3x) / Shimano Dura-Ace Track / Continental Gatorskin (700x23)

SRAM Omnium 165mm / GXP BB

Fizik Arione Flex Wing / Cinelli Neo Carbo 31.6mm

MKS Platforms / MKS Toe Clips / Toshi Single Straps / SRAM PC-8 Single Speed Chain


2010 SRAM Red Caliper / Profile Design TT Lever



My daily commute to school and work. I went with Mavic OP because of stop and go traffic in SJ and SF. Same with having a brake. I also wanted a clean build, nothing flashy. I think this clean frame deserves that.

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I'm looking to build the exact same hub/rim combo. How do you like it?


Props for adding a brake. F*ck that "brakes are for pussies" talk - if you think it's good for you then you should have one. I'm working on a similar build with a brake and I'm expecting the same amount of haters because of that.

I also like the low-profile, 3x wheels. Overall great bike!

yeah i agree

some people think they're all hard without brakes. i personally don't ride brakes on my pista because i'm a weight weenie. but it doesn't make me think any less of it. this is a nice example of a mash build. high five!

I really...

... like this build.
I would do nearly the same.
Also I understand what you are trying to achieve with the longer chain.
I just switched to 48x17 (from 49x18) and shortened the chain and I'm also afraid that it will be a lot of hassle to get that back wheel off in case of a flat...

I went 49 16 and removed

I went 49 16 and removed enough links from an Izumi Super V and now I'm SOL for a 17 or 18 rear cog. Seemed like a great idea at the time.

Cool frame and everything

Cool frame and everything but it would be way cooler and cleaner without the obtrusive front brake just add a better chain and Toshi Double straps so you can skid more safely and you may find zen...


stupid brakes, all obtrusive and annoying. What kind of idiot invented such a thing?

btw, clean bike.

Yes, exactly - "what kind of

Yes, exactly - "what kind of idiot invented such a thing (brakes) for a track frame"?

Whatever dude. If i was this guy i would learn to control my cadence and skid effectively like a real masher.

Therefore rendering the front brake as useless damnit !


yeah. coz the MASH is totes a legit track frame and all. I'm sure ALLL the pros are using it rite nao to win national championships.

...And how does skidding negate the use of a front brake? You're talking about applying friction with TWO DIFFERENT WHEELS, with different levels of resistance effeciveness. Go skid into oncoming traffic, will you?

"Control my cadence?" the fuck are you on? Let this guy ride how he wants. Back up. Goddamn fixie kids...

My apologies to the poster of this bike, I don't mean to derail your bike's comments.

"yeah. coz the MASH is totes

"yeah. coz the MASH is totes a legit track frame and all. I'm sure ALLL the pros are using it rite nao to win national championships"


haha this doucher got

haha this doucher got banned. VICTORY IS OURS. & fumingater, i agree with you completely.


the end of deepv hipster hoops

spam? dont click his link.

spam? dont click his link.

inb4 "remove a link from

inb4 "remove a link from your chain brah!"
anyway, nice build, IMHO silver/black componentry & non-deep rims is the way to go. not sure what having open pro's has to do with stop & go traffic though?

with the 48/17 ratio, if i

with the 48/17 ratio, if i take out an extra link, the wheel gets so close to the downtube that i am unable to remove the rear wheel in the case of a flat. I would have to take off the master link and the entire chain off just to get the rear wheel off, which is rather annoying. I wonder if anyone else ran into this problem...

Try a half link,

Should shorten your chain a respectable amount. If you use a tire lever (or screwdriver or your hands if you are careful) you can almost always roll your chain off regardless of how tight it is.

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."

form follows function

form follows function (except on velospace)

eh, you guys missed my point

eh, you guys missed my point by taking me seriously

because an aero wheel or

because an aero wheel or deep rim has no advantage under those conditions, they will work against you.

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