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1981 Bianchi Pista

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1981 Bianchi Pista

Cinelli 67-39 / 3TTT Mod. 3


Sun M13II / Formula / Veloflex Master 20

Sun M13II / Formula / Veloflex Master 20

Gipiemme Pista

Cinelli Unicanitor / Campagnolo (not shown)

56T Campy track / 21T Surly Cog


Simple and beautiful. Keep it old school.

is this a restoration (as

is this a restoration (as far as the paint & decals)? i have the same frameset & was just curious...


Is that a 3/32 chain and chainring? Looks great!

Thanks! The drivetrain is

Thanks! The drivetrain is all 1/8".

giant drivetrain

makes bike look tiny and adorable. I kinda really like it.


is a lot of frickin teeth :)

chain ring

that chain ring is epic. def keep it. btw, what's with the piaggio/vespa decal?

Piaggio decal

Bianchi was owned by Piaggio for a short time.

1980-1984, or thereabouts

Bianchi's been through a lot of hands since.

Added to the Bianchi di celeste cluster. Was the paint that clean when you got it, or did you have to touch it up?

The paint is original, as

The paint is original, as far as I can tell. There are certainly some chips and scuffs here and there, but overall it's quite nice.

I think the big chain ring

I think the big chain ring looks great! I say you keep it.


I agree, I think it looks sick. You should put a smaller cog on though! Take advantage of that beast.


Really nice bike, but why run such huge chainrings?

I didn't specifically seek

I didn't specifically seek out the huge chainring, but it was a steal so I jumped on it. I'll probably end up replacing it with something more reasonable when I'm not broke.

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