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Bianchi Pista

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Campagnolo Shamal


Campagnolo record

Selle Italia, Bontrager



The Bianchi Pista classic concept

Say anything if you love, if you hate...


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sweet jesus...

You sir... you win. Way to make me rethink my just-finished bike.

Quilled stem

Hi mate, looks fantastic.

I was wondering if anyone knows what's the easiest way to go about installing a threaded quill stem on a new pista (which is threadless)? Will I need to replace the fork, headset etc..? I'm thinking of doing something similar to the above (ie nitto quilled stem or something similar). I know it's vain,,, but I just like the asthetics of the quilled stems.

Also does anyone know how to go about removing the decals without damaging the crome? Despite being a rolling advert for their brand I have no problems with the main Bianchi logo,,, its the black "Pista" text, "No break" and Green Bianchi logo on the top tube I think is a little tacky and would like to remove (you can see it in photo's 2 and 4). I think I read something about using a hair dryer (wondering if anyone has tired this)?

Apologise in advance if this has already been discussed in other threads.

i love it...

i love it...

some question

I like all parts u put on your pista, i'd change just that saddle, too modern, and I'll put a high profile rim on the rear, or a white tyre.. i have some questions: what model is that Nitto handlebar? Why is so high that headset? too long quill stem or too long steerer tube of fork? What rake has your fork? Let me know, thx ;)

ps: check my pista

I was thinking in a change

I was thinking in a change in the rear rim, something more big! deep V, one dodicci like your one... but Im waiting. Im tried with the white tyre in the back, but looks rare, and I cannot put in the front one as well because its tubular...
The Nitto model name is "craft", and the steerer tube of fork its to long and I need to cut it, I bought it in Brick Lane bikes for £70, About the rake.. Im not shure, but I thing is a not to much! My pedals doesnt take my front wheel...

Still the best looking track bike. Famous for a reason.

I love my Bianchi Pista. I'm thinking of names for her.

Love the campy rims and what you did with the drop bars. I hate tape. When you're standing up and really trying to get leverage I find that it slips the slightest bit. Thanks for the inspiration. Might try grips like this.

Man, I hate to be negative. Your bike looks great. But I really love the clean look of the chrome Pista. So for me personally, I've resisted trying to coordinate with the logo colors and gone straight silver/chrome with black. I love how the drop bars look untaped for this reason. The headset is also great.

I'll post some pics of mine at some point.


Thanks for looking!
Everybody like to use white things for the Pista, if I have everything in chrom the bycicle is just boring, and with white things as well. Just a red colour in the chain, and the other parts in black, simple. Black is just black, and its comun use in bikes, the tyres and the chain are black almost ever. Do you thing its an strange combination? Is good to listen diferent opinions

With this Nitto its really hard to ride without nothing in the top, and I prefer to ride a bike that we can not use it without grip.

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