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RAULER PISTA - The Italian Stallion

Bike tags: Track bike | 1970's | campagnolo | chrome | cinelli | more tags >>
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Rauler Pista, 55x55, 1970's

Cinelli steel #14 w/ calf leather and cork plugs, Cinelli steel #3

original Rauler, Campagnolo record pista

Campagnolo record pista 32h, Nisi moncalieri pista, Clement tubular - laced 2x + tied and soldered

Campagnolo record pista 32h, Nisi moncalieri pista, Clement tubular - laced 2x + tied and soldered

Campagnolo record pista 170mm 144BCD, Campagnolo record pista

butchered Ideale 90, Campagnolo super record

Campagnolo record pista w/ Alfredo Binda straps & Campagnolo steel clips and caps, stainless 1/8"


It started with a slightly rusty piece of metal that I got from Italy. Bare steel, never built up since it was manufactured, probably in the 70's.
I decided to go with a classic track setup and be as period correct as possible (to my assumption..) Full campagnolo equipment and a fully chromed, nude, body. The frame has a tight rear and a perky front. It's super stiff and rides great.
The project involved more than 'just' chroming the frame. I had to straighten the old handlebars, refinished and leather clad them, saddle was chopped, parts polished, pantos painted, decals applied. The wheels were beautifully built by Anders at Veloform in Göteborg. I tied & soldered them and all the leather works were dyed to match the old saddle.

As a concluding word, I can just say that you will only hand polish one bike frame a lifetime...

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Tight, Perky & Super Stiff !

Three things on my 10 most wanted list. Number 1 would be this bike. Done to perfection, it is. I'm inspired. Well done!


Someday, your grandchildren will inherit this beauty. Magnificent work.

What did you use to dye the leather? I am in a similar spot with one of my bikes, and I want to get the colors spot-on.

so glad!

this thing did not have red b43's on it, simply beautiful. Great collection of bicycles.


Much respect!


I think your stem is Cinelli model #3 Sprint.
It's the steepest model they ever made and it has 58º angle.

I have a steeper one so I'm

I have a steeper one so I'm not so sure...

Polerade du upp denna för

Polerade du upp denna för hand?! Galet.


Just wish the saddle wasn't chopped, other than that it's simply amazing. Thanks for the pics, I'll stop staring at it soon.

But honestly, a chopped

But honestly, a chopped saddle looks more aggressive than an untouched. The bike needed a little more character I figured. THanks by the way

Looks more aggressive for

Looks more aggressive for sure. I see your point.




Wow. Can't....stop....looking at...shiny-ness.


That is outstanding. I've really not seen anything like it on the site. The dedication really shows.

Would you consider . ..

Taking some more pics?

It's a bike, not the statue of liberty!

Perhaps i'll post the whole building process on my flickr, i'll let you know. Thanks by the way.

Why is Michael Jackson...

holding the bike up?

Why is Michael Jackson...

holding the bike up?

It all makes sense now, huh?

It all makes sense now, huh? 'He' left us one year ago, 'I' started building this bike a year ago. you do the math...

It's tradition. I like his

It's tradition. I like his writings (no irony here), and therefore support him with exquisite material from time to time.

Butchered Brooks . . .

Really love the look of it. I'll just google it, but if you know where I can find a good tutorial for doing that, please post here.

Did I mention your bike is incredible?

The first cut is the deepest

Just chop it where you feel like. The more you chop the lighter it gets, and more uncomfortable.. After cutting with a really sharp carpet knife or like, sand the edged with a fine paper, then rub it with a piece of cloth till it gets a little patinated. Then dye the edges darker to hide the cuts. done.

that is beautiful

one of the nicest bikes on here for sure one of a kind i say its not your bike unless you built it up or restored it nice job man!


Wow! Beautiful bike...great work! I would like to ask your advice for my project bike please.

What is your technique for polishing aluminum parts? I have a Campy Nuovo Record Pista crankset that I would like to make look as nice as yours.

Again...yours is one of the coolest bikes on the site.

First of all, you should not

First of all, you should not polish a campy crank if the anodizing is nice and the bike doesn't NEED a polished crank. But if it's in a poor state it can really come to life again. I used a cotton polish dish with different pastes on a drilling machine. Took some time but worked. I do know that this is not the best method, what you SHOULD do is to remove the anodizing chemically and then hand polish to mirror finish. That way the original shapes and inscriptions are better saved.


Better be featured. Really beautiful bike.
And did you sand and polish the frame to this chrome finish by hand!? Thats crazy.


Amazing. Can't get over it. Outstanding. Wow. You've got some seriously good taste, my friend.

And thank you for confirming what I suspected all along, that brown leather looks great on a chrome bike.

instant velospace classic

gnarly amount of friends on the way.

haha.. sand paper turned

haha.. sand paper turned into friendship

This is my favorite bike . . .

On this entire site. Absolutely beautiful.

I like it. Did you use

I like it. Did you use parts from your Cinelli pista for this project?

Nope, I've got enough parts

Nope, I've got enough parts for at least two of this kind.. The Cinelli is facing a total restoration soon by the way.


beautiful build, well done.

but whats up with the glove, i really dont think touhing it is going to hurt anything. id ride the hell out of that thing

I know about the hand, but

I know about the hand, but it's just a friendly hint to the good old 'bike snob'!

just wondering

id this a museum piece, or do you ride it? seen the white glove in the picture ;)

I do ride it - on sundays

I do ride it - on sundays

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