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!Cleanest leader in the galaxy!

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | Road bike | Mountain bike | Commuter | fixed chicago track commuter sick weed shrooms
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Leader 725/56/2010


Planet X/FSA

V/All city/ Soma spokes/Gatorskinz

V/All city/ Soma spokes/Gatorskinz

All city/ Truvativ

Charge/ Kalloy




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what the hell is clean supposed to mean?

does this mean my road bike is dirty?

looks slow and bright.. to me.

Was this taken the day you

Was this taken the day you put on the 612? I remember when mine were fresh white like that...

true that. leader tubing =

true that. leader tubing = aluminum foil.

BTW : Leader's are cheap as fuck
all city sucks
nothing on this bike is high end.
this bike makes you look broke.


This comment makes you look retarded.

why would anyone buy TWO

why would anyone buy TWO leaders?! hahah the geo of those bikes is so awful.

You're bike is pretty clean

You're bike is pretty clean ill give you that much. With that said you are far too arrogant about your bikes for what you are riding. Yes they are clean, and both pretty solid builds but let's be honest, its been seen before. So before you go off on a rant about how rich you are and how amazing your bikes are get down off your high horse and understand your bikes are above average and that's it. B+

B+? Surely not overall.

B+? Surely not overall. Maybe for the color scheme.

they are nowhere near the

they are nowhere near the same build if u knew anything about cycling..ur just mad cause u cant afford even one leader as sweet as either one of these.ur lucky u saw it online and not in person,cause if u did u would be blinded by the light of my clean ass leader.its only 13 lb.,and its the cleanest cycle u could ever kno of.not even a smidge of dust ever hits this slick frame.thanks for the positive feedback to those who appreciate my reign.still building up on it tho,so be perpared to see the transformation.

Hahaha! If I knew anything

Hahaha! If I knew anything about cycling, I could see they are nowhere near the same build? Whatever. I see TWO aluminum frames of the same size, both with riser bars, 32h generic aluminum rims, similar gear ratios on the low-end crank sets and cute little water bottle holders behind each seat. I guess what makes them different is them TOTALLY different is the colors right?

And I'm mad because I cannot even afford ONE Leader? Yeah. That is why I ride a Cervelo T1 and a custom made Tiemeyer. Both bikes that Leader tries to rip off! You could probably sell BOTH your chinese Leader bike and maybe be able to afford something like one of these, ya know?

Take you're bike to a shop also. I can promise, with the parts you have on theseā€¦ neither of them is close to 13 pounds. My guess is more around 16-18 pounds.

You tell em girl!

You tell em girl!

Yaaaa girlfriendddd! *wink

Yaaaa girlfriendddd! *wink wink* ;)

You have TWO Leaders, nearly

You have TWO Leaders, nearly build up the same? Why not just build ONE nice bike?

i agree, its to matchie

i agree, its to matchie matchie.......even tho my cannondale is TOO matchie matchie......


Clearly he built this one after his other one received negative comments.

Gotta say, I DO really like the look of this one! Digging the purple with the white trim.

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