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Fuji Track Pro

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Fuji Track Pro

Soma Late Riser / 3T Mutant Stem

Fuji Carbon Fork / FSA Integrated Headset w/ 3T Cap

700c Velocity Deep V / Velocity Track Hub / Panasport Ribmo Tires

700c Velocity Deep V / Velocity Track Hub / Panasport Ribmo Tires

Miche Pista Advanced Track Crankset / Miche Primato Advanced Bottom Bracket

Kashimax Aero Ostrich Leather Saddle / Miche Supertype Seat Post

MKS GR9 Pedals w/ MKS Half Clips / KMC Chain

DiaTech Goldfinger Brake Lever/ Vanns Brake Shoes

Euro Asia Super Star Cog 16T / Miche Pistard Chainring 48T / BiciConcepts Ostrich Leather Frame Pad / Knog Nerds

Fixed Gear All Day!

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get hott

hey homie rock that love yer whip& thats whats really have 2love haters.

My whip game proper

I dig. You speakin tha truth my dude. PREACH!




Diatech makes some pretty good bike components. Thinking about picking up there integrated headsets.

was really hoping to find a

was really hoping to find a Cannondale black lightning here..bummer


dont let it ruin your day. Thanks for lookin


I sure hope you are a Steelers fan cause this thing has nothing else going for it........

Ugly has never looked so gorgeous

My fixie is like Black gold and Imma Niners fan you silly beezy.


Shoulda went Gold and Red....

Tune in

I was jus thinking of adding some red oury grips and a Red front Panaracer T-serv tire. you mus be physic.

ha ha

funny funny


Someones a lil ticklish.

there are much too many

there are much too many things wrong with this bike to list.
try again please

Pure Perfection

Jealousy will get you nowhere homie! Your bikes look cute though. thanks for the comment.

'ill' meaning needing

'ill' meaning needing medical attention?

Best Health coverage you can find at a 'FIXED' rate!

'Ill' meaning it will make you throw-up from all the saucey components I put on this bad boy! Your bikes look a lil malnourished. Step up your fixed game bro. Thanks for the comment.

gear ratio foot

gear ratio
foot retention
chain tension
brake lever without caliper

sick fixie bro!

Icey Ent.

I'll rock the brakes every now and then. Thanks for the comment lil nephew.


-your stem resembles a big black penis.
-why do you have a brake lever but no brake? maybe you just needed more "bling"?
-two words: chain tension

just sayin. safe travels

the best things in life aren't things...


-Well I have a BIG black penis so I guess it works with my color scheme huh?
-Is there like a Fixie rule etched in stone somewhere saying if you have a brake lever you must rock the brakes at all times? That's the craziest Peeve i've ever heard.
-If your chain don't hang your not a man lol.
You guy make the funniest comments on this site.

that stem is huge ! I used

that stem is huge ! I used to have a ftp, yours looks very nice in all black !


It seems that way but it's very comfortable and give it a clean profile jus sitting there or flying right past you.

You are not gonna be flying

You are not gonna be flying right past NO ONE without foot retention or a brake. And what's with just a fake brake lever?

Mash on you like whaaaaaa!

Black lightning homie. Strike past and all you saw was a blur.

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