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1982 Hujsak Track

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Hujsak / 52 / 1982


Hujsak / Campy Record

Shimano 600 / MAVIC Open 4CD / Gatorskin

no name / dimension / Continental Ultra Sport

Sugino 75 / Campy Super Record

San Marco Ponza / Salsa

Shimano Spd / Shadow Half-Link

46-16 / Sugino 75 / dura ace cog + lockring

Handmade in Texas by Skip Hujsak. Original Dupont Imron pink paintjob with a purple overspray. Columbus tubing throughout with Cinelli investment cast lugs and Campy track ends. Bottom bracket is stamped Cinelli. I am the third owner since it was built 28 years ago.

Just picked up the will be a mix of parts for a while until I track down Campy everything. Also the wheels (and gearing) are more than temporary, planning on getting Campagnolo or Maillard tubulars...

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Fork crown and seat stays,

Fork crown and seat stays, as well as the color, are all killer.
Don't lose this thing.

I'm gonna make it a family

I'm gonna make it a family heirloom. haha.

Man I love the color. Sweet

Man I love the color. Sweet bike. When you track down the proper wheelset sell me that front wheel? I really need it. I had the same one on my Marzano but crashed it and trying to replace with same. Plz plz pm me.

thiz bitch

looks like she's got a bad attitude.. & i like it


haha, you know it! This cougar kicks my ass every time.


super nice frame. why the half link chain?


I went with the half-link because I like it when the wheel is as snug to the seat tube as possible. That way the chain has a little tension without pulling the wheel back. Makes it easier to tension properly and the wheel tends to not slide forward as much. Just updated the pic, its been a year since I changed anything up on the bike.

for sure

i understand what ur saying, because i feel the same way.. i've had a tensed chain w/ bout a 2mm gap between tire/seattube... the minute clearance avail was a gift from my skidded down everwear on it's last week of life.. had my current setup w/ half link on and off... after 6+ months w/ the half link... i went back to the full link... for a bit more gap, longer wheelbase... etc.. cuz it actually takes significantly more effort to skid w/ the tighter wheelbase (more of ur weight on the rear).

dunno about the wheel sliding forward though? never had that occur.. lol.. i hope ur referin to when your tensionin' chain and not riding. losing tension in your chain over time is chain stretch... and hopefully not slippery nuts

Slippery nuts? Time to see

Slippery nuts? Time to see your urologist!

Sorry..I'm sorry I just couldn't resist.

sweet frame, love the

sweet frame, love the fastback tail!

*great* color

*great* color - seems we got the same taste, hehe ...

Nice! Keep it just like

Nice! Keep it just like that...none of those ridiculous looking urban handlebars with BMX grips. You have good taste.

right on, thanks. slowly but

right on, thanks. slowly but surely I'll be switching out all the modern parts on this bike for 70s/80s Campagnolo parts...and don't worry; no risers here.



Bastard!!! I am so jealous

Bastard!!! I am so jealous of you and your HujSak. Is this the one that went on ebay for like two hundred fifty or something??

Yeah. I got a good price.

Yeah. I got a good price. Research leads me to believe that these things are like unicorns. Skip Hujsak recently closed his shop in 2003 but i have only seen 2 other bikes made by him (a road bike and a tandem) in the entire internet. I got his phone number from digging around. I'm gonna give him a call and see what I can learn.

Word. Well it looks nice and

Word. Well it looks nice and I just wish I had a huge pink sac.. I mean a pink Hujsak to show everyone.

That is officially the start

That is officially the start of the "sack" puns... names pronounced "High Sack" though for future reference. haha.

I actually knew that, but I

I actually knew that, but I can't help it man. Embrace it. Embrace your HujSak.

Ive never seen a HujSak like

Ive never seen a HujSak like this before

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