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GT TEAM USA tiemeyer track

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | gt track pursuit tiemeyer USA national team sugino 75 phil wood
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GT | 54cm | 1998


one of the owners did a 400 mile journey from Tokyo to Osaka, Japan on this frame.

built by tiemeyer. 29 out of 50 made.

(ignore the risers)

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nice frame

i saw the same frame hanging up in my lbs (velocult) the other day

Killer frame. I ride a

Killer frame. I ride a Tiemeyer, and he still uses the same downtube, toptube and seatstays on his new frames.

I don't think that's the original fork. Not sure what would be a better substitution though.

pursuit bikes were never

pursuit bikes were never meant to have drops or i risers i guess also...

If you throw drops on that

If you throw drops on that thing, you're gonna have some serious back problems haha. I guess it depends on what drops but b123's would feel like shit.. I have b123's on my kilo and the drops can be uncomfortable after awhile, and the tops aren't super comfy either.
lovin the frame though, and I agree, straight blade fork man!

well someone DID do a 400

well someone DID do a 400 mile tour on this frame with drops
so im sure its not TOO bad.
i personally like drops, and have been riding the same bars for about
the past two years (b123s) and i love em. never had any kind of
problems or pains =]

Yeah I love my b123's, it's

Yeah I love my b123's, it's just with this geometry you're going to be a few inches lower in the drops then on your GT. You may feel it, you may not, but that looks like it would be very impractical and uncomfortable unless you're riding on the track.

yeah, i understand what

yeah, i understand what youre saying.
for some odd reason, i prefer having more of an aero position when riding, if that makes any sense?
i always hated riding and feeling like im too upright (especially with risers) so this is actually more to my liking.
i personally havent encountered any uncomfortableness in any part
of my body with riding any of my bikes (except for several saddle choices) so i think i should be alright.

yeah, a saddle can really

yeah, a saddle can really wreck any ride. i've only ridden flites, and i think i may change some time.

i think id like this more if

i think id like this more if it had a straight blade carbon fork kinna like the one that was on your gtb

i dig this frame so much.

i dig this frame so much.

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