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Catman's Kalavinka

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | KALAVINKA | Pista
Bike photo
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Kalavinka Kaisei 8630 - Gun Metal gray / Red lettering

Nitto B125AA / Nitto Jaguar stem / Paul e-lever

Hatta Swan

Red Phil Wood / Open Pro

Red Phil Wood / Open Pro

Dura Ace / Dura Ace

Brooks Team Pro / Nitto Jaguar

SPD / Izumi

Paul e-lever

Dura Ace - 47 chainring; Phil Wood 16t / 17t cog on PW hubs

- inscribed with "Catman" along the top tube
- Nitto 125AA bars with Jaguar stem
- Paul e-lever
- additional pictures here:

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I am switching to this gear ratio, do you like your top speed?


question: why are there two lockrings on that hub??

I could be mistaken,

but i think that cog is so shiny, that it is a reflection of the one is on there already.


I love this bike so much! Awesome job!


Beautiful.. I'm starting to

Beautiful.. I'm starting to really want a Keirin Track bike... arghh!!

congrats. let me know if you

congrats. let me know if you ever come to sf, we'll ride.

or vice versa, i go to sacramento and bomb there pretty often.

What a beauty

What a beauty Chinnt! I can't wait to see it built up!


Thanks Mattface...

I thought I was going to pick it up today in Sac, but one part still needs to come in, so although I was able to play with it a bit, I won't be able to post full pics until next Saturday. If anyone is in the Sacramento area, the guys at the Bike Biz will be happy to show you.

cool red hubs

had to say those hubs are, were they a special order, thinking about getting some red hubs for my new bike and can't find any anywhere apart from v.expensive mavic wheelset.


This frame looks beautiful. I just ordered a whole bunch of stuff from the bike biz. Good people. Cant wait to see this built.

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