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Big bertha -1990-ish Burley Duet -Sold

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Burey Duet/ Captain-54cm stoker-50cm/ 1990-ish

Drops in the front, bulls in the back



7spd shimano 105/Shimano STX Rc

Shimano XT vees/ Shiano 105


Bought this off of a craigslist from a very nice gentleman about an hour away from my house. He included a pair of 27" rims, the original single walled rear and a new(or slightly used), a child crank, and a suspension seatpost with a seat on it. Included on the bike were a pair of shimano spd mountain pedals and a cateye wired computer. On top of that, he was giving my girlfriend advice on how to ride as a stoker while i rode it around the parking lot. Thank you very much JJ.

my "build" thread:

Sold! I just realized I forgot to get pictures of it before I sold it :( I was amazed when the buyer fir this whole thing in a Honda Fit. Can you believe that?

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so awesome. so awesome. so

so awesome. so awesome. so awesome. so awesome. have fun on it veg!

God damn do the cantis on

God damn do the cantis on that thing squeal. the wheels must be a little whopped too, the whole bike shakes when I brake. I wish i could put my cane creek levers on there, but my dad has them on the kilo for ultra speed mode

whos that guy in the back?

whos that guy in the back?

Mah dad, he rode over there

Mah dad, he rode over there with me. We hit like 25 on a straight on the way there. The bike obviously doesn't fit him in the back, he's like an inch or two taller than me. He was also complaining about the platform pedals, hes just so used to clipless.


I think I'm older than your damn Dad...

Love the bike. I want one but my wife will be close enough to hit me, not a good position.

You must love Air Freshener. You're dad is still shaking his head about that one.


Don't let looks fool you, he

Don't let looks fool you, he often gets mistaken for his age.

Haha, I'm up to 5 different trees on my rush. I found every single one of them on the road.

Haha that's really awesome.

Haha that's really awesome. Tandem's are the way to go. Riding in a group is fun too, but it can also be tedious.. I want a baby blue tandem :(
Lovin the stache too.


are those the suntour pedersen SE's? if they are they are possibly the most serious canti's out there, as they grab harder on their own due to an inernal cam of some sort. get some mathauser pads from merry sales and those things will stop like champs. experiment with toe in and out to eliminate squeal.

I cannot find pederson

I cannot find pederson anywhere on them, and they do not have the same color as the ones found with a simple google search. Even if they were, with the right pads, would they be better than some deore xt v brakes? I have the v-brakes and some of those pulleys to use v-brakes with drop bar levers.

haha oh man.

haha oh man.

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