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My Pinarello Montello project

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1989 Pinerello Montello

This is my project bike. I'm still contemplating what components to put on it.

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What a frame

Gorgeous photos. Would love to see the final product.

Maybe it's just the photos,

Maybe it's just the photos, but that is one of the most beautiful frames I've ever seen. I'm getting a blue Steel Pinarello Sestriere kitted out with cannibalized Veloce stuff at the moment. It is beautiful, but not a patch on your Montello. BUILD IT!!!!
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Pinarello build...

Beautiful frame. Word on this model is that if you don't clear over the stickers, they will definitely fall off or peel.

I'm going to look at one just like it tomorrow (for sale), a complete bike, all OEM, with an extra wheelset. Wish me luck.

For your build, Campy stuff is fine, but Ofmega's Mistral line was just as good at the same time. I think any mix of 3T, Cinelli, Modolo, Universal (brakes) etc would be appropriate.

Campy only

Campy only my friend! Beauty frame!!!!!

Thoughts on the build

I'm thinking that I'll build the bike with a mix of period correct C-Record and newer parts. It won't be stock, but the overall look will be close. I'm going to have a wheelset built for it with 32 spoke silver Open Pro hoops. I also have never liked Delta brakes and since they are so expensive I'll put on some nice modern Campy Chorus brakes (not the new skeleton style)on it.


very nice! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Excellent choices...

Deltas are pretty (if you're into that sort of thing), but they can be more trouble than they're worth -- new Chorus brakes sound like a winner!

Looking forward to the finished build!


Whatever components you end up going with, I'm just glad it is getting gears, or atleast thats how it sounds it will be built. Far too many clean ass road frames get the fixed wheel.

Gorgeous bike

That's a beautiful bike. That headtube is huge! The color and chroming look like they're in fantastic shape.

There's lots of ways to go to build up a bike like that...but I prefer the "all-Italian" approach. Don't forget some of the venerable parts makers like Gipiemme, 3TTT, ITM, Ofmega, Modolo, etc. Some of their stuff is as good as (or better) than the cooresponding Campy parts.



If you have looked at my other bikes you will see they are all Shimano.

I've been thinking of a campy build for quite a while, and it looks like I have the perfect candidate. I'm debating weather to dig up old Record parts or go new.

Go for some vintage Campy

The vintage stuff just looks so good on a bike of that era. Of course, brand-new Campy bits may actually turn out to be cheaper (since the vintage stuff can be so inflated, price-wise).

The folks over at "Campyonly" suggest that it is ok to mix old and new, too. I thought they'd be more snobbish about such things!

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