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Kaihatsu - Japanese Track Bike         Featured Bike! on 06/15/2011

Bike tags: Track bike | japan
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More details to come soon....
I picked this bike up for because it caught my eye - mainly the weird front fairing, which ultimately was dropped as being impractical.

The Japanese Hirigana on the side says 'Kaihatsu' which means 'development'. The seat leather originally had this printed on the back as well. I don't know if this was a proper brand, or just a strange custom?

The project should be finished soon, so more pics and details will be uploaded...

If any one knows something about the bike please let me know!

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dude, you have stumbled on a fully wicked and totally sick flying bike. if you cast the right spell you will rip shit up and totally wail on the sky and snap planes and birds and stuff with that gear.

This is cool

This is cool

Not a track bike; time trial

Not a track bike; time trial ride of some sort. Neat. Love to see the rider's position with that long stem and flat bars.

Ride Position

Yeah, I think the original setup was just plain dangerous... but looked hella cool.



Saddle is hand made!

The saddle is fiberglass bonded on to a regular plastic seat shell. I just repainted and replaced the leather.


drug stash!

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