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car-wrecked Peugeot on top; rusted-ass Fuji on bottom

Random cruiser bars

Peugeot fork with EMT conduit steerer tube; No headsets!

Maillard to Weinmann

Maillard Helicomatic to Weinmann

Sugino road cranks; Sachs Huret BB

CTA seat post;; saddle from Haro V.1

Maillard pedals; 2 or 3 combinations of chains

42 x 18

I didn't know I was merely supposed to join the steerer tubes of the two forks, so I just cut off the steerer tube from the bottom fork and added 4' of conduit and removed both headsets! It rattles like crazy now.

Oh, sorry for the non-drivesides. Not that it matters with this heap of garbage.

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how do you get on

how do you get on it?


Get that shit painted all the same color and it will look wacky as hell

Sick though

I'm confused as to how it's connected at the... I guess middle bracket?


Headsets! NOW! When's bike polo? Why haven't I ever seen this bike? UGH!

Well, I built it almost

Well, I built it almost exclusively for Critical Mass then rode it a few times before some dick-less shit kicked my rear wheel in at my apt.

Polo is supposed to be every Saturday, but I've been out of town until recently and no one showed up last weekend! Details are on the forum if you want in on the action. Sat. 6:30 Plaza of the Americas.

Hey, maybe if you thread the

Hey, maybe if you thread the connecting tube you put in you could screw in some headset parts and get rid of the rattle. Looks like a fin bike.

Hmm, I took a look at things

Hmm, I took a look at things and got it working eventually. Email me the rest of your photos and I'll see if I can figure it out.

My bad

My other photo wouldn't upload because I had spaces in the title. Your site is great; I'm just an idiot, haha. Oh, sorry for misspelling your name too. I've been a real jackass.

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