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Cinelli Track         Featured Bike! on 07/19/2010

Bike tags: Track bike | cinelli | shamal
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Cinelli 56


Don't know make of fork got a Gipemme

Campagnolo Shamal

Campagnolo Shamal/Campagnolo Pista

Custom Campagnolo pista 165 cranks

Cinelli Unicator Campagnolo

Campagnolo pista pedals with Cinelli clips and sraps


Got the frame from Austrailia and the guy I bought it from did not have much info on it so if anyone's got some please let me know.
New pictures with the everyday wheels and new seat post

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How long is the seat tube,

How long is the seat tube, measured C-T?

It's 57cm c-t

It's 57cm c-t



nice bike

too bad you're not going to be alive to use it. That rear wheel will eventually strip out due to vertical and horizontal stress placed on the spokes, bye bye bike and you!

Well, you'll live and see.

Well, you'll live and see.

cinellis are damn beautiful.

cinellis are damn beautiful.

This is great.

Really nice ride. Outstanding.

rear wheel

how does that rear wheel ride? from the pic it looks radial laced... is it?

The rear wheel has one cross

The rear wheel has one cross on the drive side. It rides good sofar considering I'm heavy guy. They do flex a bit but nothing serious.

i cant see any advantage to

i cant see any advantage to the TT being like that other than it looks way rad

good for riders with short

good for riders with short legs. makes it easier to stand over the tt. not like its really needed for the track

How do you know it's

How do you know it's actually a Cinelli? It doesn't look familiar. Has it been repainted? Whatever it is, I like its design.

I don't have much info on

I don't have much info on the frame but I don't think it's a "real" Cinelli but it's built with Cinelli lugs.


holy shit

Such a beautiful and unique

Such a beautiful and unique bike!


dang, throw up some pics of those crazy top tube joints!



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