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Colnago Elegant

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Colnago Columbus EL Tubing/61cm/93-94.

Colnago/Cinelli XA 90mm.

Colnago chrome / Campagnolo Veloce.

Mavic Ksyrium SL,

Mavic Ksyrium SL, 9speed cass

Campagnolo Chorus/Campagnolo Centaur

Silver Prologo Colnago /campagnolo athena aero

Look keo II max/ Record 9

Campagnolo Veloce

Campagnolo Chorus Monoplanars

Constantly changing components......with pictures of the white tires 21lbs bike.

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I recently bought a similar

I recently bought a similar frame but in red. Does anyone know if the Elegant model was also manufactured in red? It's also Columbus EL tubing 60 cm.


Red, Wordperfect purple and Blue.


Great, thanks very much. I am currently building up mine. I am bit worried that the very light EL tubes are not stable enough for my weight (~90kg/~198lbs). Do you experience any issues like this?


I'm in at 190 and the only issue is speed wobble. I need to try other stem sizes to see if it fixes the problem. I wouldn't be afraid of this bike at all very well made.

It's Good to See

a beautiful bike being well taken care of.


as a matter of fact I just washed her today:)

Good Thing

to take care of what you have, especially when it's that nice.

Thanks for the kind words.

Gotta respect the Italian paint. Otherwise it will peel like a banana.

Very sweet ride!

The Vintage Bike Doc: I wish I was over there where the great bikes are in abundance. I am amazed at all the photos of vintage bikes from Europe and the UK. Causes me to drool on my laptop :-)



You show me your I show you

You show me your I show you mine kind of deal haha

mines a little older, full campy - and its engraved COLNAGO on almost every component.
I like your build.


From the link looks like you have a real gem. Hopefully it's your size then you can keep it forever. Cool bike!

I would never, and its 1

I would never, and its 1 inch too big, really doesnt sit right so its hanging in my shop as a looker till someone drops the 2k for it :P

Wonderful piece of machinery

the work bench is nice too.






Looks like a great bike and a equally great room to wrench in. Know you much be digging it.



No complaints:)

Reach the beach is a great

Reach the beach is a great ride. This will be my 3rd year and I love seeing older and different bikes along the way.
See you out there.

Reach the

Yep that's what inspired me to buy this nag. I saw a master for the first time whipping past me on the way to the beach.


+1 Adding to the cluster


Hey thanks!


Thanks! It's my first(non fixie) road bike build. Fast as hell!

Oh Snap!!

I'm just this evening finishing building up my Art Decor Master Extra Light, yours is very pretty, and my other bike's a Rensho too!

Double snap!

Hey do you have pics? You live in Dublin? That's my fav city! At the Guinness factory I got so faded I forgot all the stuff that I had bought at the gift shop! The nice girl behind the counter caught me before I stepped out and gave me my bag of junk. Never shop trashed:(


No pics yet, I'll try and get some up soon, I'm retarded with these things so I have to get my girlfriend to do it. Yep, born, bread and buttered in Dublin more or less. Ah yeah, The Guinness Storehouse, I do a bit of work there from time to time, always funny to watch drunk tourists and hot chicks!

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