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Cinelli MASH 53cm DONE!

Bike tags: Track bike | cinelli mash integralter
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Cinelli Mash 53cm

Cinelli Integralter

Cinelli Mash / Columbus

Mavic Cosmic Clincher

Deep V / Phil

Suntour Superbe Pro / Sugino 75

Selle Italia SLR / Thomson Elite

MKS Sylvan / All -City Clips / NJS MKS Double Straps / Sram PC-1

50t / 18t

Finally finished after 2 months of gathering parts.

Special thanks to Paul, Chas, Jonathan, Box Dog Bikes.

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bb size

hey! just a quick question about your bottom bracket! is it 68mm x 109mm JIS standard??


Weren't the Cinelli Integralter bar/stems only made to fit a 1'' fork?

definitely one of the nicest

definitely one of the nicest builds I've seen so far for a mash. Yeah I'm digging those drops. Something different than what most people have.. I love your bike. =). Enjoy it.

Thanks man.

Thanks man.

nice build!

where'd you buy those bars? they look sooo comfortable. let me know if you ever decide to sell them.

I got em off sff. Someone

I got em off sff. Someone was selling it a month ago. It was only up for a night.

dayum, never even saw that.

dayum, never even saw that. well good job on the build tho. i bet it's comfy.

Super... Haha.

Super... Haha.

daddy likes!!!

daddy likes!!!


Nice clean build! hey, is there any toe overlap? I'm so keen for one of these frames!

Yea, there is a little bit

Yea, there is a little bit of toe overlap. Maybe it's different for different sizes, I dont know.

man, that is a nice build,

man, that is a nice build, but PLEASE slide your saddle back a bit

No thank you, I'm

No thank you, I'm comfortable the way I am. I don't think one can tell another how to adjust their seat forward or back.

in this case, yes you can.

in this case, yes you can. 76 degree STA, no setback post, and that fucker is SLAMMED all the way forward. one day you will look back and laugh. hopefully.

doesn't matter. its not your

doesn't matter. its not your bike. im comfortable the way it is.


have you tried it any other way? you might find that you can be even more comfortable.
Super far forward saddles typically mean you are not flexible enough to naturally bend at the hips, while keeping your back straight, to reach your handlebars. You should either get more flexible and move your saddle back so you can transfer power properly or get a shorter stem/shorter bars/smaller frame.

I understand, because they

I understand, because they are hard to find, you probably bought any integralter you could get your hands on, but judging by your saddle position it unfortunately looks too long(judging by the peeling logo it is at least a 110). you compensated by moving the saddle forward in order to get the right saddle to handlebar length but your fore/aft saddle adjustment is only to be used in order to achieve a proper bottom bracket setback(lower body dimensions only. This is the anchor point in which all other lengths are determined.

How do you like those bars?

How do you like those bars? I just picked them up cause I have been eyeing them a for while, they should be on their way to my house tomorrow. Also, what length is the stem?

p.s. my favorite build of this frame by far.

Haha, Thanks man. I don't

Haha, Thanks man. I don't like most builds I've seen. All black and not too appealing to me.

As far as the bars go, I think they are 100mm/42cm. Super comfortable. Climbing hills, getting in aero position. You'll get addiction to the flat section of the bars. I got them for a great price too.

Thats rad! Mine are 42 cm

Thats rad! Mine are 42 cm and 110 length, I hope its not too long, if so Ill have to adjust I guess. Thanks for the info man!

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