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No name risers, Nitto Pearl, Champ Grips

Samson, Hatta Swan Super Delux

Velocity Deep V to Formula, Michelin Pro

Velocity Deep V to Formula, Michelin Pro

165mm Sugino 75, Mighty comp Chainring, Sugino 75 BB

Koga Miyata, Campy Aero

KMS, Izumi

16t Phil Wood, 49t Sugino Mighty Comp.

Its got those silver Phils and white deep vs on now. So Stoked. Changed the saddle to a White Concor as well.

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so fresh n so clean...

quite possibly my favorite bike on here.


Looks so good. You should put up a photo with the new wheels and saddle!


this is absolutely solid

deep v's

aw u shouldve kept it all silver looks so nice.


super tasteful build. silver deep section rims are teh flavor.

I wish that was my baby...

Damn dude, that's fuckin sick.


rad ass setup
loving the frame

Top tube protector ...

Nice bike! What are you using for a top tube protector? I also have a silver Samson and am looking for something that won't grind up the decals that happen to be where my drops hit the tube. Thx for any comments on this.

It is a realy thick piece of

It is a realy thick piece of tooling leather. fixed with contact cement.

She's got legggggggs

I love this bike. So smooth. I would totally change those bars out though and toss some B123s in there. Just personal preference. Looks dope regardless. And yeah some new hubs would be right. Havin somethin that pretty with formulas underneath it is like wearing an Armani suit with flip flops.

Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?




Really nice bike, I love the silver. I would change out the bars though.

Too drops?

To drops?


Japanese minimalism at its best. Kind of a bike ikebana.

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