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2010 Bianchi Super Pista

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 2010 | 57cm | Bianchi | black | more tags >>
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2010 bianchi super pista 57cm

cannondale stem

cane creek headset / bianchi carbon fork

Sram S80 / gator skins

Chub hub / B43 / Gator Skins

Miche Advanced / Dura-ace

concor / Thomson Elite



bike is mad. the guys at keirin cycles made it that way.

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jesus christ anyway. that

jesus christ anyway. that front wheel is so rad. i wanted to put them on my masi gran crit, but i couldnt sack up and pay that much for a wheelset just yet. nice build lucas.

you must be a tall mother fucker running a layback post with bulls. ive been considering that myself, as my guerciotti has a super short cockpit and just had to switch from a deda zero 100 set back to a thomson.

anyway. fuck a concept. the super pista is dope in matte black.

Nice push bike

Nice push bike

Insane build and incredible photography

As you said mad bike, would like to see this under the Christmas Tree! However I'd have to lock it to my wrist as it would get stolen in SF in about a millisecond.

Having just built one up

Having just built one up myself, I've got a pretty good idea what this little baby cost you. That's a lot of fucking money to spend on a fixie. If I didn't work at a bikeshop I never would have bought one. Still, nice bike.

lots of haters on here thats

lots of haters on here thats it the way u want and enjoy it! very nice bike man

I heard the chub hub was

I heard the chub hub was pretty light, any who about the above statement I think this guy just likes quality parts and weight does not really have a factor. You have a really nice build and keep riding.

the chub hub is very light,

the chub hub is very light, it is carbon. the b43 on the other hand is kinda up there. but the thing is that with this build looked a little outta wack with a 80mm front wheel and a tiny rear. and even with that "anchor" back there the build is right under 18lbs. thanks for the kind words sir.

Let's put the lightest

Let's put the lightest possible wheel on the front….then put a heavy fucking boat anchor on the back. Haha. If anything, usually people want a lighter rear wheel for quicker acceleration/deceleration. I don't think you can get any heavier of a hub and rim combo there.

your that guy

ohhhh! your that guy that hunts on velospace to try and talk shit on everyones built. get a life man.

He isnt talking shit

He isnt talking shit

yea, he is

Going to someone else's bike page just to be a shitty mean asshole is talking shit, tough guy. If you don't like someone's bike then go look at some of the other thousands on this site instead of being a big dick.

Hey learn to take some

Hey learn to take some criticism

i think criticism is one

i think criticism is one thing. i always love to gets peoples thoughts on my bike. And while i do agree that that rear wheel is not the lightest wheel i could have built i think "a fucking boat anchor" may be a little extreme. dude just needs to dust off his manners a bit.

Exactly. This site is not

Exactly. This site is not just about giving everyone hugs and pats on their back. If someone makes a decision with a build that I think is rather foolish, ugly, pointless, etc… I'm going to say something. Most the time, I'm just simply stating the obvious of what I see in a picture, and not even incerting my own personal opinion into it.

haha! "then put a heavy

haha! "then put a heavy fucking boat anchor on the back. Haha." how is this not "not even incerting my own personal opinion into it." whatever man. nice bike by the way.

yea what...

Thats a great looking bike.

So. Sick.

So. Sick.



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