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1985? Cinelli Laser TT         Featured Bike! on 07/21/2010

Bike tags: Road bike | Campagnolo C Record | campy | cinelli | funny bike | more tags >>
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Cinelli Laser Crono Strada TT/ 56CM?/ 1985?

Cinelli L.A. 84/ Cinelli pantographed

Cinelli Laser/ Campagnolo C-Record

Ambrosio Aero/ Campagnolo C-Record

Cinelli Carbon Disk

Campagnolo C-Record

Cinelli Volare SLX/ Campagnolo C-Record

Campagnolo C-Record/ Sachs

Campagnolo C-Record

Campagnolo Victory/ Campagnolo Aero Levers

In all my research, I have found only one other complete Laser of this kind. It was displayed at the 1985 Anaheim Trade Show. Here is a link to the flickr account where I found it:

Any other info on this bicycle would be appreciated.

*Also, look for this gem to go up on Ebay in the next couple of weeks.

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Hey Jo, don't sell that thing just yet! I bet if you wait, that thing could get yr kids though collage someday, if

you want kids of course....

All I

can hear is that Dairy Queen guying saying, "Rideeekulous!"

may as well add some delta brakes too ;)

Don't sell

This kind of bike is ever increasing in value + beautiful + unique.
Why would you want to sell such a thing?

Is there any date code on

Is there any date code on the bb?

No date code.

No date code. There is a stamped signature on the bb, but I can't tell what it says.


can you post a picture of it?

Hey Jo, don't sell that

Hey Jo, don't sell that thing just yet! I bet if you wait, that thing could get yr kids though collage someday, if you want kids of course....


why would you want to sell that?--- if you are into bikes, don't!
MY old 85 pink and black cinelli tt (one of a kind) is hanging on a coffee shop wall near my house-- its no longer mine and its killing me. this is an exceptional ex of cinelli of old-- they sold out to asia and they produce nothing like this nor will they ever again>





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