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Bike tags: Fixed gear | road warrior
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KHS Flite 100







Rides for about a day after a tune-up before something starts to make noise.
Otherwise, it sings.

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pursuit frame?

I can tell its a pursuit frame because you can only turn left!

shit got weird ass geometry

shit got weird ass geometry :]


is that the new Lefty Frame?

This is some seriously

This is some seriously abstract art..No one you know has a digital camera? U must be Amish but you have the internet I am perplexed.


i cant wait for the flite with aero tubing to come out. and considering the killer geometry im gonna throw my concept in the dumpster and just wait for this bike hit the shelves.

I bet I know where you ride

I bet I know where you ride it.

I.. uh...

..ok, just to take over the smart-assed comments for a while;

1.) Cartman's gonna be pissed you took his bike..
2.) Dude, someone messed up your decals.. might want to check that..
3.) Bike, by AutoCad, v. 1.0

Other than that, I thought I was the only guy who still mucked about in mspaint. Good on you, mate.

nice road warrior.

i bet you own those clipart pedestrians.

Man thats some serious

Man thats some serious sprint geometry. The front wheel/downtube clearance is INSANE.

Study on wearing a helmet and car overtaking

What kind of camera do you

What kind of camera do you use - Crayola?

Well, I didn't have a

Well, I didn't have a digital camera, or any camera at ready, so I used GIMP 2 for Windows to draw a representational sketch of the bike.

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