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Feeling Gray

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Mercier Kilo TT "Raw" / 53cm / 2010?

Soma Urban Pursuit bull horns 40cm wrapped Selle leather / Nitto CT-80 100cm

Kilo TT / Chris King 1" NoThread

Velocity / Phil Wood / Deep V Ti Grey MSW / Specialized

Velocity / Phil Wood / B43 Ti Grey / Specialized

Sugino 75 / Sugino 75

Selle Anatomica Titanico / Nitto NJSP72



SRAM Rival / Tektro

48:17 / Sugino 75 Chainring / EAI superstar cog


The bike has been really solid so far :)

Also, in case anyone asks about the pictures, they were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II using a 35mm f/1.4 lens (manual focus)

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very nice colors and photos!

very nice colors and photos!

nice ride

Looks awesome. I'm in the process of building up a kilo frame myself... its been quite an investment of time and money but fun...

anyway- ive been looking at the same stem (ct-80_ or the ct-81)... but arent they 1-1/8"? i have a threadless 1" fork and i was told i shouldnt use anything but 1" components... did you use a shim?


Sweet! I know there are

Sweet! I know there are people out there who say "nice components, but it's a kilo" but honestly after riding 10 miles yesterday, I don't think it'd be that much different on a super expensive frame.

I think you have to be cool with the realization that you'll end up spending 3x as much on the components than the frame itself. But once you get over that hump, it's smooth sailing :)

Yes, the CT-80 is 1 -1/8". I used a shim. It worked out perfectly with the exception being that the CK headset I bought was 1" so I had to use a random headset cap that was meant for a 1-1/8" headset. I guess I could go out and buy a matching CK cap, but eh, it's working out right now.

good to know...

thanks... the frame is great and my thinking is ill put together a solid component package which i can then just put on another frame if i get bored with this one... but im noticing that as i look for parts the sizing of the kilo isnt all that accommodating-- the 1" threadless fork and a 26.8mm seat post in particular rule out of lot of nice options... oh well, Ill work it out..

The thing is, I'm not sure

The thing is, I'm not sure how I'd get "bored" with my frame haha. If anything it's my body that needs to keep up with the components at this point :)

Agreed. The 26.8mm seat post ruled out A LOT of options unfortunately. I originally wanted to get a Nitto Crystal Fellow post (about 65 bucks) but they're impossible to find. I bought the Jag used for a good price that's why I went for it.

Fantastic build! Obviously,

Fantastic build! Obviously, thoroughly-planned and well-executed. Kudos.

Thanks! Although "thoroughly

Thanks! Although "thoroughly planned" is an understatement haha. I can't remember how many times I swapped stuff out of my "bike parts wish list" :)

MeAn aNd CLeAn

One of the nicest looking kilos I have seen, i love the raw frame and the leather saddle and wrap look awesome. I am envious...great build my friend.


Thank Tinj! This was my

Thank Tinj! This was my original mock-up in Adobe Illustrator:

(Copy and paste...I guess Velospace doesn't allow IMG tags)

In the end, the "Ti Grey" color ended up being 98% close to the frame color...something I wasn't expecting but I guess monochromatic is never a bad thing as long as it's spiced up with an accent color :)

I'm an illustrator/designer

I'm an illustrator/designer so a pre-planned scheme was necessary haha

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