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Dodici Gara 55

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Dodici Gara Gun Metal Grey / 55 / 2010

No brand bullhorns 420mm / Gravity Gap OS 60mm

Dodici / FSA Orbit MX

Gran Compe 32H Black / Velocity B43 Gun Metal Grey / Vittoria Rubino Pro 700x23C White

Gran Compe 32H Black / Velocity B43 Gun Metal Grey / Panaracer Ribmo Protex 700x28C

Sugino Messenger RD-2 Black / Sugino CBB-103 68x103mm

San Marco Zoncolan White / No Brand

MKS Stream Black / Taya Eco Chain Black



46T x 17T / TA Specialites Alize 46T / Cadence Toestraps Grey / Allcity Toeclips White


parts transferred from my already tiring Cinelli Mash.
check out a video i made of this ride at

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Dodici sizing

Hello everyone!

I'm about to order a Dodici Gara frame but I have a few questions. I know that Dodici's sizing system is a little different and oversized compared to other companies. For example if you're riding 58 you have to take a 57 Dodici. I'm nearly 6' tall ~182cm inseam: ~83.5 cm. So, what to you think? A 55 or a 57 Dodici would be better for me?

Thanks in advance!

Btw you have a really neat Gara there, and a very nice city too!

Greeting from Athens, Greece.


I'm almost the same size as you, and i got a 55. :)

Nice ^_^

Nice ^_^

i think john prolly posted

i think john prolly posted yor vid a little while back and since seeing your build i've been lusting over the gara (and malaysia as well!) solid build, great riding, keep it up.

thank you!

thank you! it's a great ride. i'll ride it until it crumbles! look up my crew RatsKL on FB and let us know when you want to come riding in Malaysia!

sizing help

Hey, awesome bike! I have few questions if you don't mind. how tall are you? and what is your inseam? How long did you have to wait for the frame to arrive? Thanks.

ps. Sick vid, it was put together very nicely.


thanks. i'm 5' 11" and my inseam is around 28-29 inches. the bike was ready in less than 3 weeks and shipping took 4 days i think.


looks like a fun bike to ride, great vid, you guys shoulda high-fived at the end ; )

where did you find those

where did you find those bullhorns?


it's some brandless 42cm bullhorns that my friend is not using.

what's it like to ride it?

what's it like to ride it? is it as good as your old cinelli? looks really nice!

to be honest it rides more

to be honest it rides more comfortably than a cinelli mash.
can't really compare it, as the riding positions are different for both. this one is less aggressive than the mash, but i prefer the aesthetics of this one better. subtle, not in-your-face like the mash.

i feel like i have more control with this one actually.

killer wheels

those wheels are to die for!! Mad Props

hmmm gara or special i have

hmmm gara or special i have to choose... you think these are track worthy?

oh and btw the vid you did

oh and btw the vid you did with this bike is awesome

hehe thanks. I'm not sure

hehe thanks.
I'm not sure it's track worthy or not.

It's pretty stiff and well made that's for sure. :)

^^ same as above

as comment above, one good drive side photo, regardless if tyre logos match up with valves etc lol , the Dodicis are quite a lovely frame is an understatement , loving the clearences,

and they produce some pretty wheels =) plus its green eyed syndrom cuz that frame is my size ,

yes, they are sweet

yes, they are sweet rides.
can't beat a handmade italian frame. sold of my Cinelli Mash for this so that explains a lot :)

All your photos just seemed

All your photos just seemed to be focused on the name logo. How about some pictures of the whole bike, yeah?

will do so.

will do so.

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