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The Pale Horse (Bianchi Pista) (SOLD)

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Commuter | 55cm | Bianchi | brooklyn | more tags >>
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'07 Bianchi Pista 55cm Gang Green

2" Risers and Bianchi Stem


Velocity Deep-V laced radially

Velocity Deep-V laced 3x


Selle San Marco Regal Saddle and Bianchi Post

MKS Custom Nuevo Wide w/ Soma doubles and Izumi Eco Chain

48x18 - Phill Wood Cog

Big thanks to King Kog in Brooklyn for all the help. It was really hard to say goodbye to this bike.

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Nice Name



nice bike man! thanks for the comment

This bike

looks rad. How'd you go about removing the decals?

The Honda Civic of Cycling..

Pistas are fun as hell to build up. They come with trash components but a nice steel frame....
Glad to see you didn't settle for stock. Just got mine back from the powder coater and waiting for the deep V's.....


Hey, how'd you get the logos off? What did you use and how'd you do it?


Damn. Very nice. It looks

Damn. Very nice. It looks great... especially with the white and green. Lovin' the saddle on it as well.

Night & Day

Looks great! Nice job getting the decals off. Looks simple and's perfect!

Thanks man.

I appreciate the compliments. Simple and clean is exactly what I was going for. Getting the decals off was quite the project, haha.

Mural shot

is sweet.

Thanks, Ive been meaning to

Thanks, Ive been meaning to go back and take a better picture with it during the day. I probably will once all my new stuff comes in.

Can't wait to see what you

Can't wait to see what you do with it!

The Pista is such an nice stock bike.

Im excited, just dont know

Im excited, just dont know what Im going to do yet.


Go grab some art and design books and get some ideas...we're all waiting to see what you do. LOL.

Haha, thats a good idea. The

Haha, thats a good idea. The stock paint color is just such a hard color to match. The only thing I can come up with is white. Which is why i just ordered some white Deep-Vs yesterday. I also put some white grips on the bottom half of my bars. I was looking for a white saddle but just went with the black Regal. Had to get something asap, the leopard print was killing me. Other than that and possibly a new stem, Im trying to get the most out of what came with the bike. By the way, Im not trying to copy your bike, haha. It just so happens you did a lot of the stuff that I had in mind. I saw another Gang green pista that kind of inspired me.


No worries...these bikes are a dime a dozen. I wasn't the first to do what I did by any means. Get a green bingo blotter and give your white deep-v rims a polka-dot pattern and then a thin coat of clear coat. Match the green the best you can or buy some gang green paint and do them by hand to get a better match. Now that would be original and it would look rad.

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