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'82 Bianchi ECO Pista

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'82 Bianchi ECO Pista, 53cm

3ttt Grand Prix / 3ttt 80mm

stock / Ofmega

Miche / Velocity Fusion / Gatorskin 25c

Miche / Velocity Fusion / Gatorskin 28c

Gipiemme Special / Gipiemme Special

Concor Supercorsa / Campagnolo Aero

GR9's / MKS / Toshi 2X / Regina 80 chain

Surly 17t / TA Specialties 46t / brass bell

Got a steal of a deal on this bike. It came complete with all of the original components, but I've swapped some of it out to preserve them, and make the bike more street friendly.

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She's tight!

Love it. Nice and tight and a super short wheelbase!


I am the latest owner of this bike and I understand it may have an unusual history. Anyone know what it's about?

I didn't know it was sold.

I didn't know it was sold.

It wasn't. I think Justin is

It wasn't. I think Justin is saying he bought one himself? I've still got this in my possession. I don't know what mysterious history you refer too, it was a regular track bike back in the day, nothing creepy about it that I know off.

A beauty

hidden amongst the alleyways of Capitol Hill.


That it was! Now it's hidden in a room in Eastlake.

Not too

far from me. I commute eastlake to westlake/9th daily ;)



i think i was trying to buy

i think i was trying to buy this bike right before i bought my anchor. so youre the guy that beat me to it. haha. nice build by the way. hope to see it out this summer


it looks like you're in Seattle, so that's a distinct possibility. Last summer? Around July? I only ride this in the summer's, so that's the best time to catch it.

yup it was right around that

yup it was right around that time. ill see you out this summer

Whoa! Hello, old bike!

Whoa! Hello, old bike! hahaha. I'm glad you kept it classy. Interesting you managed to fit a 25c gatorskin in the front.. I tried to put a 25c gator in and it wouldn't fit.


...yeah. took her to Marymoor over the weekend, she flew over the banks beautifully. interesting you couldn't fit a 25c Gatorskin up front. but, tire sizing is usually a crock of shit anyways.

Added to Bianchi di celeste cluster

The bell's a nice touch; but isn't it hard to hit the lever from the handlebar side?

not really...

...I have to lift my palm off the bars, but it's not a stretch or anything.


super nice! I'd love to see some pics with it decked out all in original form too.

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