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Koga Kimera         Featured Bike! on 04/12/2011

Bike tags: Track bike | kimera | koga | track bike | velodrome
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Koga Kimera size 55

Easton EC90 classic bend with a Pro Vibe Koryak stem

Warp 9 sprint fork and a random FSA headest

Mavic iO with a Pista Evo with VCRC ceramic bearings

Mavic Comete with a Pista Evo with VCRC ceramic bearings

Sram Onmium with a VCRC ceramic bottom bracket

Selle San Marco Ponza with the padding removed on top of an Alpina TT seatpost

Shimano SPD-R pedals with a Izumi Super V chain

Yes, this is the famous "million dollar, no mere mortal can ride it" bike built for Theo Bos to be used in the 08 summer games. As far as I know, there are only 2-3 (including this one) in the US, and around 50 on Earth.

It is by far the best bike I've ever been on.

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You're lucky to have come across this one!
How much is the weight of this bike?


Ponza saddle's are so comfy!

I love

the "warp 9" fork and modded Ponza! I'd personally go with a fatter seat mast, but can I really hate on something like this...noooo ;)

maybe you like mine, too!!

Rock it hard this year, and

Rock it hard this year, and good luck!

I think SkidMark is onto

I think SkidMark is onto something, flip that stem, add some risers and maybe get a 650 front wheel so you can do bar spinzzzz!!! oh yeah get some anodized parts too in the color of your choice!! Also I see you don't have spokes so spoke cards are out but get some sweet stickers and cover the shit out of that frame with em!!!

I'm joking don't do any of those things. If you do, I will find you and steal that bike from you. But sweet build man, it's perfect. One of the nicest track builds I've seen on velospace. I had a chance at purchasing a Koga Miyata Full Pro but I totally snoozed.

sugoi ne!!

this bike is worth more than anything i good looking. you're a very lucky guy in ways i can't even imagine.

Posted By: SkidMark
Hot Rods don't have four doors, and when they burn out the rear tires smoke, not the f*cking front tires.

Kids these days.

Great bike. How did you get

Great bike. How did you get it?

This was one of the three

This was one of the three that brought into the US by an importer. My coach happened to be good friends with that importer, and I was able to get my hands on it that way.


Flip that stem and add some risers and you've got a winner!



and let the "this bike looks

and let the "this bike looks fast" comments start pouring in!

:::you're welcomeee:::

This bike looks slow

This bike looks slow

Yeah, it does not appear to

Yeah, it does not appear to even be moving, it's so slow!

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