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De Rosa Pista

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Early 1980s De Rosa Pista

Cinelli Criterium bars, De Rosa pantographed Cinelli stem.

De Rosa chromed fork, Campagnolo Record headset.

Zipp to Mavic CXP14

Zipp to Mavic CXP14

Campagnolo Record crankset/bottom bracket

Selle Italia Rolls saddle, Campagnolo Record seatpost.

Regina chain, Suntour Sprint pedals.

17t EAI cog, Bike Ribbon bar tape.

Early 1980s De Rosa Pista #71, built for the Alfa Romeo road team out of New York. This bike was owned by the former team manager for the Alfa Romeo team, and had stored it for the past 20+ years (as it was too small for him.) I have full-sized photos in my De Rosa Pista gallery.

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added to "red chrome" cluster.

Beautiful bike! This is a

Beautiful bike! This is a work of art

those wheels

have my drool all over them

This is my favourite bike

I hope to build something as beautiful as this in my lifetime

like those bars?

i just got crit drops and i love them

middle aged

middle aged

The Bike

is phenominal, and the photos are top notch!

Love De Rosas

Beautiful frame, but I'm confused about the fork. It's a pista, but it has a hole in the fork for a brake. Has the fork been replaced?

Love De Rosas

Definitely a pista fork. The owner drilled a caliper hole.


The bike was built as a winter training frame for the Alfa Romeo/De Rosa road team that ran out of NY in the late 70s/early 80s. The fork was drilled by De Rosa from the factory (it's chromed inside the bolt hole, wasn't done by the original owner.) Bike was running a 44x21 setup when I picked it up -- for spin training -- and had a Campagnolo Super Record caliper mounted with a single brake lever.

My other De Rosa has an identical fork, but without the drilled hole.


not my comment

Pure sex.

Pure sex.


what a striking ride.

i heart your de rosa. get

i heart your de rosa. get it? heart. de rosa. you can have that one for free, beautiful bike.


I would leave my girlfriend for that bike !


I would leave most girls for most bikes.


pic 4 is my classy!

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