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2010 Cervelo T1 Track 58cm         Featured Bike! on 05/25/2010

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2010 Cervelo T1 Track 58cm

Easton EC90 40cm bars, EDGE Composites 110mm stem

Cervelo carbon fork/steerer, FSA Pro headset

Reynolds SDV66 Track full Carbon rim, Continental SuperSonic Tire 700x20, Continental Supersonic tube

Reynolds SDV66 Track full Carbon rim, Continental SuperSonic Tire 700x20, Continental Supersonic tube

Sugino Grand Mighty 172.5mm, Hatta Bottom Bracket w/ custom Ceramic Bearings

Fizik Antares 00 carbon seat, Cervelo carbon post

Keywin Ti Track Pedals, Izumi Super Toughness chain

Sugino Zen 53t, Sugino GIGAS 16t Alloy/TI cog, ZIPP Alloy lockring

Track only bike. Just finished building. 16.4 pounds and solid as a tank.

EDIT - Recently upgraded from my old Thomson X2 stem, to a EDGE COMPOSITES 110mm carbon stem. Much stiffer and lighter, and less drop.

Changed from using EAI SuperStar cogs to SUGINO GIGAS Alloy cogs. They are about 1/10th the weight of steel, and run SUPER smooth with the titanium coating. Much preferred.

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Epic build, so glad this frame has an aero seat post to match the seat tube! Aero tubes and standard posts are so not in!


What category do you race in?




Surely the most beautiful bike on Velospace!
Great configuration man.


your bike is fucking so

your bike is fucking so sickingly perfect! mad

flawless execution

flawless execution

You're Selling it


man :(

i saw you put your frame on ebay :(
such a shame man, this is one of the nicest builds.
im sad for ya bro, its probably upsetting parting with such a beauty

Yeaaaaah, quite sad. But

Yeaaaaah, quite sad. But bills have piled up and graduate school is expensive.

Not to mention, track season is over here in the NorthEast, and even if I wanted to ride this on the streets, it's going to be snowy and cold soon, so this bike won't get used until next summer. I'd rather not have it sitting around for that long, when someone else that lives in beautiful weather can ride it all year long.

I'm keeping my Tiemeyer, which is a very similar build (aluminum aero tubing, carbon fork), andhave set it up for street, track and pursuit use, all in one. The Cervelo was only good for me as a track bike.

So, I hate to see this go… but I had a fantastic time building it and will always remember what a nice bike it was.

However, it's not sold yet! So who knows… I may be stuck with it for life! Haha

tyre clearance

do you think the frame fits 25mm tyres? Its already looking supertight with those little 20mm you got

Yes, it would actually. I

Yes, it would actually. I have a set of Continental 4-Season's 700x25, and they fit on here. Granted Conti tires run abit more narrow, but they do fit. A knobby 25, maybe not so well on the front, but on the back, you could always slide the wheel back slightly to make it fit for sure. You could always do 25 rear, 23 front.

You must be thinking about this frame for a street bike, eh?

running in circles

been thinking about it lately, but the weight and the seatpost seems to be too big an issue. however, I had a textima trackbike before, no pursuit tho but steel and heavy. After I got the cinelli it was a relieve in terms of weight. Accelerating is so much better and if I'd go for the cervelo it's like running in circles... dunno but nice built. By the way whats the wheelbase of yours?

Oh yeah, and wheelbase is

Oh yeah, and wheelbase is around 95cm.

Weight is of no importance.

Weight is of no importance. Seriously. Unless you're riding a 35 pound steel cruiser from 70's, and go to a 14 pound carbon road bike, the difference won't affect you.

This bike, as pictured, is around 16 pounds. That's pretty light. 15 pounds is the limit by the UCI on track bikes. Regardless, there are guys on super light carbon bikes riding the track, and guys on 24 pound vintage steel… and they keep up with eachother. It's not common for the guy on the heavier bike to beat the guy on the lighter bike.

If you're so concerned about weight, it's easier to take a pound off your belly, then off your 16 pound bike. Hell, most people could take at least 5 pounds off their belly.

As far as the seatpost goes… I've been riding this bike now for the whole season, no problem. It's really nothing to be of concern (unless you weight 250 pounds and like ti hit pot holes while seated). If so, Cervelo sells an aluminum version of this post, that nearly the same weight actually.

I rode a MASH as well, and can say I prefer the Cervelo to it GREATLY! It's much stiffer, more responsive, handles much better and feels more stable.

If you're wanting to accelerate faster, build up your leg muscles, go down a tooth or two on your chainring, or go for some lighter wheels and tires.

super clean. your wheels are

super clean.
your wheels are more than that kids leader
i just saw your posts to him.
what a idiot.

anyways..this thing is beast man.


Is that an integrated or inset headset? I'm having trouble getting my integrated to "solid as a tank" status.

Nice and clean.

Nice and clean.

Does it barspin? lulz

Does it barspin? lulz

Yeah, actually! I just need

Yeah, actually! I just need to hacksaw out the bottom section of the large downtube so the front tire has clearance. Oh, and riser bars of course.

Why would you ever want to

Why would you ever want to do that? Just take a sledge hammer and smash it in and it will look like a Leader and do teh barr spinz brah

Dont forget the BMX pedals

Damn dude, your seat costs

Damn dude, your seat costs more than some people's bikes!

Good seats are totally worth

Good seats are totally worth it. I've rode my fair share of shitty seats in the past, and I just prefer to hopefully NOT get ball cancer, and be able to have kids when I get older. Hahaha.

Of course, I did not pay full retail on this seat. I got it for less than 1/2 off Ebay. Still expensive though.

Good call man, this bike is

Good call man, this bike is looking beastly !


lookin too damn good. tree bikes ftw

everything about this build

everything about this build is perfect .


Jeez, that chainring is gigantic! I'm actually into it though. I bet it runs crazy smooth with a good size superstar cog too.

I love all your bikes and

I love all your bikes and this is the best one by far

Would you?

Would you recommend riding this bike on the streets?

The frame is surely stronger

The frame is surely stronger than a Pista Concept or similar aluminum frame. So, yes…I would say you could.

The only thing that might be of concern in the carbon steerer tube on the fork…I would not suggest dropping tons of curbs with it. Second, the carbon seatpost is somewhat fragile too. If you were a heavy guy, I would probably avoid large potholes and curbs while seated.

Do you happen to live in San

Do you happen to live in San Jose?

is providence

san jose?

Nevermind. I'm retarded.

Nevermind. I'm retarded.

How much does the frameset

How much does the frameset incl. fork and seatpost weight?

Well, this is the largest

Well, this is the largest size frame, longest seatpost and longest steerer tube fork, so keep that in mind. Here are the exact weights…

58cm frame- 2145 grams.
Fork uncut - 497 grams.
Seatpost (Large) - 194 grams.

TOTAL - 6.25 lbs.

Im 100% buying one next

Im 100% buying one next month. Done... this shits on the new look.

Uh oh! I can see this bike

Uh oh! I can see this bike being the new hipster Pista Concept. Hahaha!

I completely recommend this frameset over all other aluminum frames on the market that I've ridden and seen. I must say, it's probably the best deal for a high-end frame and everything you get for your buck.

This is most definitely the

This is most definitely the new hipster pista concept. :D


This bike seriously looks dangerously Fast. Like time traveling fast. Lucky you man.

no i don't wanna listen to your emo music.

The bike may look fast, but

The bike may look fast, but does not mean I'M fast! Hahaha.

I'm taking it out to the track tomorrow for some pursuit races. This will be the first time on the track. However, from riding it around the city, I can already it's much stiffer and feels more grounded then my prior Cannondale Track.

track visit

how did it feel on the track? if you don't like it i'd be more than willing to take it off of your hands for 5-10 dollars and a box of upper deck baseball cards from the early 90's...

no i don't wanna listen to your emo music.

Rides amazing. I will post a

Rides amazing. I will post a review shortly.

ok this is really great.

ok this is really great. what cat? what track?

This is my first season

This is my first season officially racing, so I'm currently only a Cat. 4. I'm hoping to advance onto Cat. 3 very soon however.

I'm riding at New England Velodrome, and maybe sometimes will go down to Kissena in NY.


how do you make time to ride all these bikes at the track? im jealous.


how do you make time to ride all these bikes at the track? im jealous.

Well, "all these bikes" has

Well, "all these bikes" has turned into simply just this Cervelo T1. Everything else I've owned, in the past and even very recently like the Guerciotti's, Cannondale, EAI and Concept have ALL been sold. I'm down to ONE track bike now, nothing else.

As far as making time to ride….it's only 1-2 days a week. Nothing big. Of course, all the other days I have to commute on the street. I'm stuck commuting to work/school on this Cervelo currently, but currently will be done with my "street bike" tomorrow and will have it posted.

It's taken a year or two to find exactly what I want out of a bike, but I've finally narrowed it down to one amazing track bike, and one solid built street bike.


Pardon my jumping the gun.

I just remember seeing the pista concept you sold, and from there a slew of killer track machines. I was like, no way does this guy ride a different bike every time he races. I think this cervelo is my favorite so far. I'd take it on the street once and a while. thing is siiick.

The Concept was an amazing

The Concept was an amazing bike. Actually, the only bike I was 100% happy with and fit perfect! however, when I found the Guerciotti, I though that was a perfect upgrade from the Concept. Turned out to be defective, and my life turned into this wild duck hunt to find a frame comparable to the Guerciotti. Cannondale, Chesini, BK, and another Guerciotti. Finally settled on the Cervelo, and it's for keeps.


Love the red.



Hot damn, that's one pretty

Hot damn, that's one pretty bike you have there.

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