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Swansonator5000 bike guitar

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1997 Trek Y-22



vintage Korean humbucking action!

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Y-frames are certainly more

Y-frames are certainly more useful like this than in bike form.

just needs an aerospoke



HAHA wow!

Rock on!

Rock on!

Does it go to 11?

Well it made my 10s cluster...

Best bike on Velospace. Love

Best bike on Velospace. Love it.!!!!

I've seen this bike around

I've seen this bike around town.

hmmm... it was in dirt-rag

hmmm... it was in dirt-rag maybe last june or so. maybe that's where, but i cant think of anywhere else, save facebook, that its been.

hows the tone?

hows the tone?

the treble end is downright

the treble end is downright awful. The bass is good, though, since the scale's a bit long. There's enough flex in the assembley to, quite literally, bend notes up about half a step or so. It'll make some cool sounds if you push it, which, i've heard from owners of similar frames, it didn't do in bike form.

Totally rules.

Totally rules.


This is absolutely insane! I am in awe.

You should put this up on or You would be a god.

goes to 11?

did cutting a neck pocket, pickup hole & holes for the pots void the warranty? nice touch leaving the waterbottle and cage.

thanks! no word on the

thanks! no word on the warrenty as of yet. maybe i'll just tell them i ran over a jigsaw. forty-seven times.

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