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Custom Bishop Bikes Super Sprint Track Bike " Black Beauty "         Featured Bike! on 05/18/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | 808 | cane creek | cane creek 85 | more tags >>
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2010 Bishop Bikes Custom Track Frame . 56.5 x 54

Eason EC90 Track Drops, Fizik wrap, Thomson silver 100 stem

Edge Composites carbon track fork , Cane Creek 100 silver 1 1/8 headset

Zipp 808 Dimpled track wheel, Zipp polished hub, Zipp tangente tubular tire

Zipp 900 dimpled track disc , Zipp tangente tubular tire

Shimano Dura Ace 7710 , Shimano Ultegra 6500 bb

Fizik Antares 00 full carbon . Thomson silver 27.2 post

Shimano SPD-6700 , Izumi V super toughness

Shimano 49t , Sugino Zen 48 & 50t chainrings . Sutour 14t , EAI Superstar 15t & 16t cogs

This is my custom build Bishop track bike . Built completely to my body measurements, and is the best riding bike I've ever ridden. Its surreal that this started out as a box of tubes , and turned into something so beautiful . This bike is VERY stiff where it needs to be, responsive , accelerates quickly , yet doesn't kill you after riding it for 5 minutes. This is my commuter during the week, and will be on the track on the weekends. The tubulars never see the street, I have a set of mavic cxp12's laced to suntour superbe pro clinchers.

Dedacciai zero down tube
Columbus Life top tube
Reynolds 725 heat treated curved chainstays made exclusively for Serotta
True Temper S3 headtube (newest from TT , crazy stiff)
Dedacciai seat stays
Seat tube angle - 72
Head tube angle 74.5
bottom brack drop - 50 (same as the Look 496 track frame)

I'd like to thank the following companies for having amazing products, and customer support along the way :

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track slack

get it

Telling a track racer to get

Telling a track racer to get it lol


The look and feel is moving! Well done!

..The Mighty Chewbacca Approves this Message!


How do you like the bars on The street ?

They're comfortable on the

They're comfortable on the road and on the track.

if your referring to chain

if your referring to chain slack, I always keep a lot .. This bike is unfortunately no longer built up like this anymore though.

ok i just need to know that

ok i just need to know that the comfortable.

Nice custom.. And we have

Nice custom..

And we have the same shimano chainring.


Post a pic in street form

dual zipps and you're a cat

dual zipps and you're a cat 5... smh

wahh cry about it. You're

wahh cry about it. You're not my accountant so don't tell me how to spend my money. If you would have seen how cheap I got the set for, it would have been dumb not to have bought them.

Stellar frame, overshadowed by garish wheels...

Beautiful frame. I'm imagining it with some appropriate, old-school, low profile wheels. I'm sure the Zipps are great at speed, but they demand so much attention the frame kind of recedes into the background.

Oh, and Pearl Izumi makes [or rebrands] clothes and shoes. Izumi Chain Mfg Co makes chains.

I didn't notice I typed

I didn't notice I typed that, but you really went out of your way to correct me on that? Also, the wheels and the frame work great together . I wanted a modern , steel bike, and its what I got . Super stiff , and responsive .

just being thorough

Well, you went out of your way to write a very detailed description, right down to each tube, so I'd think you'd want it to be accurate. And it's not like you're shy with your opinions.

man that is a beautiful

man that is a beautiful bike!
it is seriously perfect!

Thanks , you dont need a

Thanks , you dont need a aluminum or carbon frame to be high end and ride great :)


so sexy!





This is so dope

This is so dope man.

Straight sex on wheels !

how did you like the olympic

how did you like the olympic chainring compared to the zen chainring?

They are exactly the same ,

They are exactly the same , one says shimano, one says sugino zen.

thanks, i think i'll pick up

thanks, i think i'll pick up the shimano one
i saw your bike on fixedgearfever, i wanted to buy your cane creeks but i was too late i guess
great build


Now all you need is AERO bars and you are super track legit..

I don't really train for the

I don't really train for the kilo , so drops are more ideal for me . I have some I can borrow though if I wanna get extra aero !

The seat cluster's really

The seat cluster's really nice on that frame.

How much does this bad boy

How much does this bad boy weigh?

It was 16.1 lbs with my

It was 16.1 lbs with my street wheels , I think with the Zipps its around 17 ish? I'm not sure .


saw this on the b9 bike thread and loved it. super clean man.


Such a beautiful machine, there aren't even words! I was looking at the pictures in your forum post and those hubs are insane! what are they?


they are the cane creek

they are the cane creek track hubs. They are reverse pull, straight spoke hubs , so the nipples are at the hub instead of the hoop to reduce rotational weight and for a stiffer wheel.


IS Exquisite!

Nice bike

That bike is amazingly beautiful...I wanted to do the same setup as your crankset but with the 7600's I was gonna buy.

thanks ! yeah the 7710s are

thanks ! yeah the 7710s are the way to go if you can find a set at an affordable price

good god this is a pretty

good god this is a pretty frame


nice bike for sure buy why such a seemingly indecisive combination of tubes?

It wasn't indecisive , each

It wasn't indecisive , each tube has its own characteristics . The down tube and the seat tube both get progressively bigger towards the bottom bracket shell, the true temper S3 headtube is heavier than the other tubes , but very very stiff. He used thinner tubes where he could for weight savings . The same tube is not always the best for every part of the bike .

they are the CC 85 Endurance

they are the CC 85 Endurance wheels , with double butted Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes. Thanks for spreading the word !

holy crap!

it's nice to see a custom bishop frame on here finally! now lets see some more shots of the beautiful lug work and track ends!

check out the build thread

check out the build thread with lots of pics of it . His finishing work is fantastic.


Sick bike dude.

thanks !

thanks !




Your bike is rad. Congratulations. Chris is an amazing framebuilder and a super nice guy. I got him to build me a frame last fall, which I'll be posting here just as soon as he finishes building me a stem for it (the Deda stem I have on it now doesn't do it justice). Anyway, you've got a beautiful bike.

thanks ! I thought about a

thanks ! I thought about a custom stem, but the thomson was very fitting.

Best build I've seen in a

Best build I've seen in a long time


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