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Cinelli Super Corsa Pista - early 60's

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Cinelli Super Corsa Pista ca. 1960

old keirin alloy bars, Cinelli Milano #3

replacement steel track forks, Campagnolo Super record

Campagnolo Record pista 36h tied & soldered spokes, Ambrosio Clinchers, Michelin slicks 700x20

Dura Ace track 36h tied & soldered spokes, Ambrosio Clinchers, Michelin slicks 700x20

Gipiemme Special Chrono pista 170mm, generic bb

Cinelli Unicanitor, Campagnolo Gran Sport

Campagnolo pista, Reg clips, Binda straps, KMC 1/8 stainless

48x17 Campagnolo pista

A 101 in how to make commuting fun.

Crossbred and not exactly period correct but she rides like a beauty.

I'm thinking of a total restoration, please let me hear your opinion on that.

2012 - Now going through restoration.

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likes your sexy hand

as we've already noted..

as we've already noted..

Hey, you've been...

...BikeSnobbed in less than 24 hours.

The Snob obviously pays attention to this site; I wonder if he's a member?

He could be anyone of us,

He could be anyone of us, eerie...
Thanks for picking it up, my girl will be proud of the attention of the snob!


do you have the original fork?

no. unfortunately not. And

no. unfortunately not. And finding a vintage cinelli track fork is pretty close to impossible. I hope I can at least find an old track fork with long enough steerer some day, but looking for a cinelli would be naive..

replacement fork

hey man, i found someone who has the original forks that'd probably fit this frameset. let me know if you're interested. nice build nonetheless!

what size steerer tube

do you need?

No, I don't need another

No, I don't need another fork, it works great as is. But, if I would choose to restore I'd like to find a fork with a slightly sexier curve than the Spicer offers..

as you wish

i might have one

Now we're talkin

I think I cut this one at 205mm, the headtube is unusually tall on this frame.

i think mine

is 225mm long
it has rare double plated crown
same as this one


looks pretty rad as is, but a frame like this definitely deserves a restoration if it is structurally sound, nice find!

do the restore...

...if the frame itself is free of dents, dings, rust, etc. and the fork ends/dropouts are still in good shape. otherwise, keep as is. you picked this up off of EBay, yeah? I was looking at this frame for second.

I believe it is the one you

I believe it is the one you saw on the bay, but not the latest that went a few weeks ago. This one is in not in the best condition, but I can assure that I got it cheap. The forks are missing, it has a few small dents but otherwise just surface rust and no structural damage. I guess I'll ride it like this for a while but some day I would have to do something if it should not rust away...

nah, mah man

does not look the same as the one just sold on ebay
(hint)-top headtube lug

.....NOOOOOOOO! keep it just

.....NOOOOOOOO! keep it just the way it is.

so dank

so dank

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