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Mostowy Track Pursuit

Bike tags: Track bike | 650 | funny bike | pursuit
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Mostowy Pursuit 59cm columbus SL

bent b123s or risers

Mostowy 650. Suntour Superbe Pro.

HED 650c Tubular

Formula to CXP22

Sugino 75 165mm. Shimano UN73.

old Flite. Cheapo post.

MKS with Toshi doubles. gold Izumi V

48-14 dura-ace for track, 48-18 EAI for street.

I've always wanted a pursuit frame, the GTB was close, but this is even better. Custom built frame from Mostowy in Arizona in 1996 for a junior track team, not for me of course. It is one of 6 frames like this.

edit-Sold to a guy in Long Beach, farewell.

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this bike is too many sexy

this bike is too many sexy

This bike is so hardcore, I

This bike is so hardcore, I feel like it will cause birth defects in my future children.


brahh for like sure d00d


why did you sell it?
such a great bike.


looks good,
i ride a GT Pulse.

i'm putting together a FunnyBike,
looking around for inspiration.


We still haven't run into

We still haven't run into each other on the streets, might work route has changed. Someday.

i sold you this bike a while

i sold you this bike a while back and I found out the other day you sold it to my homie. weird!

Wow, thats amazing! I have never riddent one. Met bike maker.

25 December 2007


Met the Bike maker in 1999 in Tucson, AZ he worked for himself and made a special guest aperance in the local bike shops once and a while. Nice guy. Have only seen a couple of racing bikes he made, this one is way different from those I had seen. I cant race or do track anymore its a long story. Is Arnold Mostowy still around these days? If so say so. Heres a Hello. Old Bike Fan 98

arnie's still around and

arnie's still around and making frames. he works at bicycle bill's in allston, ma. fuckin' great dude.


that thing is steeep!


That looks like hell to

That looks like hell to ride...hella fast I bet though!

nice drops

diggin' the sickle, it's about time someone is crazy enough to ride drops on a pursuit




you should have a picture of you actually riding this! it looks f'ing intense

The frame was made in 1996

The frame was made in 1996 and it is one of 6 made for the junior team. This was the largest.

Sweet you got it, she's

Sweet you got it, she's gonna be a real beaut! Congrats!

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