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1997 pink Panasonic track

Bike tags: Track bike | panasonic njs pink keirin
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1997 Panasonic NJS keirin frame, Ishiwata 019

Nitto B125AA with Nitto Jaguar 110. Cateye cloth tape.

Panasonic fork, Hatta Super Swan headset.

Shimano Dura Ace 7600, 3x to Mavic Open Pro CD

Shimano Dura Ace 7600, 3x to Mavic Open Pro CD

Sugino Grand Mighty crankset, Sugino S3 Cubic 46t chainring. Shimano Dura Ace 7400 bottom bracket

Shimano Dura Ace 7400 seatpost, Brooks Swift saddle (tan)

MKS Royal Nuevo pedals, MKS clips and straps. HKK Vertex chain.

15t/16 Dura Ace cogs, Vredestein Fortezza SE tires.

My first Japanese track frame, and one of the nicest I've had the fortune to handle to date. Rides like a dream -- stiff but compliant, extremely quick handling. Further detailed pictures available at

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Seat angle=fail

what the fuck is with people

what the fuck is with people and seat angle. seat angle has to do with the personal preference of the rider. everyone is built different. i personally angle my seat slightly pointing up because its more comfortable for me.

...In all fairness, saddles

...In all fairness, saddles angled up (like that) look like shit. If you have to angle the saddle like that you might consider your stem.


Don't know what people are thinking when they angle their seats down. Bad case of roids I guess. Level to slightly raised is basically normal. It is somewhat more pronounced for Brooks saddles, so yes it maybe looks wrong angled up and people get pissy about it. But guys have you ever owned a Brooks? Do you know what you are talking about? You enjoy sliding forward all the time? No? Well then go ahead and "fix your saddle angle."




that is the cutest bike ever! i love the colors, great job!


This bike always sticks out in my mind. My friend had a panasonic track bike, but nowhere near this nice. I gotta meet up with you guys in NYC one of these days!

holy shit

the color combo is insane.

I love this so much, very nice work.

would you accept my first

would you accept my first born in trade for this bike?


super fresh!
I would love to see this bike rolling on LA streets!!!

Come to LA

See... someone besides me saying get your a** to LA. You can pretend to not know me if I ride the stripped pista.

Pink! How about some

Pink! How about some closeups on this beaut?

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