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Moots Vamoots Fixie Conversion

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Moots Vamoots / 56 / 2001

Easton EC90 / Ritchie WCS

Reynolds OZO 1" / Chris King / White Industries Track Front / Velocity / Michelin Pro Race 2 (Silver) / White Industries Eno/ Velocity / Michelin Pro Race 2 (Silver)

Campagnolo Record Alloy Road Cranks / Campagnolo Record

Fizik Arione / Moots Ti

Speedplay / KMC

Shimano Ultegra / Campagnolo Record

48x17 fixed / non-campy some thing

Moots Fixed gear build - aiming for a clean aesthetic. Velocity rims were polished up prior to the build for a nice interplay between polished, brushed, and bead-blasted naked finishes.

more photos of this and my other bikes on flicker.

I'm moving my bikes over to a new account so some of you may have seen this bike on velospace before.

previous comments from me on this bike:

- This was my first fixie coming from a roadie background and I spend a lot of time on the hoods. At the time my thinking was you can never have too much Campy record bling but I didn't really need 2 brakes.

- After I built up the Crumpton, honestly the moots was kind of a left-over frame that I knew I'd never be able to match the Crumpton's performance . Also, when you consider the delta between retail and 2nd hand value I knew I would be throwing a bunch of money away if I resold the frame.

I thought I'd experience the fixed-gear thing and retire the Moots to my sea-side vacation house. Titanium is the best material for a corrosive environment (salt air) and going single-speed means I don't spend my vacation maintaining the bike but rather can pretty much air up the tires and ride.

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Screw these guys

Screw anyone that disses this bike. I would make sweet love to this bike!! Moots are awesome!!
I just want to know how you get chain tension with vertical drops?

nice build

do what you do! this is the second vamoots I've seen converted. How you liking the feel of titanium? I'm looking to order a vamoots rsl as a training road bike. I've ridden all but titanium and look forward to doing so. People need to chill! it's not your money to spend so with that being said haters gonna hate! ride on homie!

I want to know how much

I want to know how much money you and the above mentioned Moots owner have spent on bicycles. Not out of jealous, not out of spite, but purely out of curiosity.

I'm not ripping on you two by any means when i say this.

Must be nice...

I mean this in the most flattering/jealous way possible: it must be nice to have a Moots laying around as your "left-over frame." But you make a good point about resale value and its not like you've modified the frame to fix it... so yeah, its pretty sweet. (And I know I've seen this posted before on your other account and had the gut-reaction of, "Ugh, seriously?" but yeah, its nice) Thanks for sharing/rubbing-it-in :-)

100% still grossed out by this build.

I'm still not going to defend your statement of using this bike as a conversion. For the price you could sell the frame alone, you could buy yourself a whole lot of properly designed fixed gear.


What exactly is a "properly designed fixed gear"?

"fixed gear"

While on that topic - shouldn't we also slice this between "fixed gear" versus track?

Properly designed track gear presumably solves a specific track need. For example, the serrated, or knurled edges of campagnolo track chainring nuts allow for easier and more secure installation of a track chainring. It is my understanding that this small feature is specifically designed for track racers who have need to quickly change their gearing between events. Anyone can use standard chainring nuts that are short enough for a single chainring but only the serrated chainrings are properly designed for the track.

My belief is that "fixed gear" is a bit more open to interpretation, the White Industries eno hub is "properly designed" to allow good chain tension when riding a frame with non-horizontal dropouts in a fixed gear configuration. Right?

A frame with proper rear

A frame with proper rear facing "fork end" dropouts and I know that the White Industry hubs that care of that for the most part.

100% grossed out?

I'm actually pretty curious specifically what is so offensive about this bike, why is it so abhorrent to take a road frame and built it up as a single speed?

Yes, the frame, crankset (ok, pedals, saddle, seatpost, front brake, fork, brake hoods, tires...) are not specifically designed for fixed gear but is it really *that* different when this bike will never see the inside of a velodrome?

Comments welcome.

It isn't so offensive...

It isn't so offensive when it is somebody with a lack of knowledge and capital to fund the purchase of a fixed gear. But you seem well-to-do, (11 pound road bicycle and all) and converting a three thousand dollar titanium road frame to a somewhat jury rigged fixed gear is just kind of a slap in the face to me. I will attribute that a lot of this stems from jealousy (Moots frames being a very lust-worthy item in my eys), but it just seems that you could do better than this.

Sorry albieish, I gotta

Sorry albieish, I gotta agree with this sentiment. But it's your build, your bike. Have fun w it.

if you ever want to make it

if you ever want to make it even better. get a moots stem on there and get a moots alpha Q matching fork ;)

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