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Drew's Deathtrap

Bike tags: Track bike
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custom pursuit -- can't really make out the signature

bars are cut to about 4 inches on either side with heineken caps glued on as bar ends.

kinesis aluminum / chris king

hed carbon 650

hed carbon 700

brooks and ?

sylvans / izumi track

55 x 11 or some retarded shit

"bars are cut to about 4

"bars are cut to about 4 inches on either side"

super cool bro this must be good for mashin in traffic r u a messenger dude?

that belongs in the

that belongs in the circus--in a good way

my boy bought that frame and

my boy bought that frame and fork and rebuilt it, small world..

wow. just wow.

wow. just wow.

gd i love this site

because of bikes like this YES!!!!!!!


It's a pretty cool bike in a freak show sorta way, but the choice of a brooks on that carbon fiber bedecked monstrosity is incongruous to say the least.

and what's the TT protector protecting the TT FROM? Looks like the bars should clear the top tube with inches to spare. If the front of the wheel doesn't catch the downtube it should be possible to spin that fork 360ยบ

Deathtrap? More like alien

Deathtrap? More like alien fighting machine. Looks like a back breaker - more photos!


love it. pursuit bikes kick ass.

Pursuit of comfort or speed

How can this be comfortable, maybe I am just getting too old for this. Looks GOOOD though.

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