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GT Pulse 1998

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1998 GT Pulse 50cm

Nitto B125AA 38cm / Thomson Elite 100mm, +5* flipped

Kinesis Carbon / Chris King

Velocity Deep V / Phil Wood HF 32h / Continental Ultra Sport 25c

Velocity B43 / Phil Wood HF 32h / Panaracer Ribmo 25c

Sugino 75 165mm / Phil Wood 108mm

Selle Italia Flite Ti Perf. / Thomson Elite 27.0mm

Time Atac XS / KMC Devil 101

Sugino Zen Racing 49t / Phil 17t

Found frame from a collector NOS. Rides like a jet, perfect with the matching Kinesis carbon fork.

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Let me know

Can you let me know if youre ever selling the frame?. contact at [email protected] thanks!

i am envious of your

i am envious of your colection to say the least. nice GT man

Man, i've wanted a GT frame

Man, i've wanted a GT frame for so long! I have a question, I'm going to be building new wheels and wanted to do b43's to phil wood's. Everyone tells me not to because it will be too heavy. I was wondering how you liked your's.

I ride on awful streets, so

I ride on awful streets, so I build my wheels for strength. I've used all the big American sealed hubs (WI/Paul/Phil), and Phils are the most high quality by far. It's the only hub I've never had to adjust out the box.

Any deep section rim 42mm or greater will be a bit heavy, especially on a phil, but I rarely have to true this wheel and you don't really notice the weight when you ride. It's essentially a set and forget combo.


i want one too..


Dope ride!


so awesome. How does the ride feel?

Oh it's just....crisp.

Oh it's just....crisp. Everyone's talking ab alloy vs. steel, but with the carbon fork, it's tough to notice the difference in compliance.

It took me 3 stems to get it dialed; I used a set of RB021's on a Thomson 70mm w zero rise, and it was WAYYY too cramped. Moved to a 100mm with -5* rise with B125 drops and it feels wonderful. I had to track down a 90mm -10* rise w a 26.0 clamp to run the bullhorns, but all is well.

Definitely lighter than my steel NJS bikes, but it's almost too nice to ride everyday.

I have a b123aa with 110mm

I have a b123aa with 110mm stock stem right now and
I'm about to try the exact same setup: a b125aa w/100mm thomson stem with 5 degree rise, but where do you find the ones with neg rise?
I don't want to flip over a positive rise with the thomson logos backwards, looks kind of stupid...

Dude I feel you. When I use

Dude I feel you. When I use the 100mm w +5* rise I have to flip it over. Looks shitty, but what can you do, ours are definitely not the only bikes out there with a backwards logo. The same could be said for the "TH" on the seatpost logo hidden within the ST.

Hot damn. I want a GT so

Hot damn. I want a GT so bad. LOVE IT. I really like that with the Silver cranks and hubs. I think a silver seatpost would be a great addition, and both deep v's instead of one or the other. Maybe some older zipps. I want your seat.

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