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Fiorelli Coppi Pista - FOR SALE

Bike tags: Track bike | Coppi | Fiorelli | Pista | Track

Vintage Fiorelli Coppi (Joe Bell repaint), Columbus 58x57

"COPPI" pantographed 3ttt stem, 3ttt Pista

Fiorelli Columbus, Campagnolo Pista

Suntour Superbe low flange, 36h, 4x, tied and soldered, Mavic, Tufo S-3 Lite

Suntour Superbe low flange single, 36h, 4x, tied & soldered, Mavic, Tufo S-3 Lite

Campagnolo Super Record Pista 165, Campy Pista

Selle Royal COPPI, Campagnolo Record

Look Carbon 0°, SRAM PC1

Phil Wood 16t, Campagnolo 50t "Coppi" pantographed Super Record 3/32"

[email protected]

"COPPI" end caps on stays and fork crown, cutout on BB. All original parts still there and beautifully restored(Joe Bell paint) sometime in the 80's?

Better photos here:

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fiorellis are gorgeous

Your Fiorelli is beautiful. I have one too!

velospace´s finest !!!

your bike is one of velospace´s finest

Your bike looks incredible.

Your bike looks incredible. What year is it?

P.S. Good to see another homebrewer on here

Your bike looks incredible.

Well, it's a later 70s or early 80s nearest I can guess. It was repainted, and I haven't seen another Fiorelli Coppi like this one. Dropouts are Gipiemme. The BB shell has a cutout to match the fork crown, which are specific to a certain era of font styling for this line. I just haven't been able to nail that part down, and I don't know which model it was. Seems like every Fiorelli Coppi track model has the plate style dropout rear and the frame work is visibly different. I do know that this model has nothing to do with modern day Coppi brand bikes(which a company owns the name for and has nothing to do with Fausto Coppi).


Yellow seat!

Would be neat!

No yellow seat

It has the original Italia "Coppi" Superlegerra saddle on it(with yellow lettering). At some point matching becomes overkill, and a installing a yellow saddle merely for looks would disrespect the original and comfortable one that managed to stay with it all these years. As for the yellow tubular tires go, I happened to have that set of wheels with the tires mounted when I purchased the bike, so I sold the non Italian set that I acquired it with. That was just a random thing, as was the new Tufo tubulars I purchased off of a local NW racer, that I found out during the purchase process were not black but yellow. They could have been red, or black or whatever color he happened to have and that would be what I'd be pushing through the corners. I would only post a bike here for archival's sake. Anyone can throw parts on a bike these days. All it takes is going to the nearest bike shop, but being able to see a bike in it's complete(or relatively speaking) original condition makes this a useful resource. Not a rant, just a perspective.

ohhhhh my goodness. youve

ohhhhh my goodness. youve got yourself a real winner there.

Questa Fiorelli...

From one Fiorelli Coppi owner to sir, are in possession of a truly gorgeous racing machine. If you ever lose your senses and decide to part with it, please keep me in mind. Volare, ohoh...

this one stays

I won't be losing my mind anytime soon. But if I do, you'll see me wandering the streets with this in tow.



The finest bike

I have ever seen!!!
Every single detail amaze me... Love your bike.

your bike


very nice...i'm waiting for

very nice...i'm waiting for the better pics :-)

Amazing. Every detail is


Every detail is amazing.

Yeah, this bike is

Yeah, this bike is ridiculously good looking ala Derek Zoolander

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