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KHS Aero Track SOLD

Bike tags: Track bike | 1999 | 57cm | aero track | black as my soul | more tags >>
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1999 57cm KHS Aero Track

Kalloy MTB Bicycle Handlebar 30mm Rise Light Purple / Generic 2" riser and 100 Nitto Dynamic 90 deg / Nitto AA 110

Bike Works Straight Blade and Tange

White non-machined velocity Deep V radially laced to Black Paul Hubs - Fatlace Spitfire Decals

White non-machined velocity Deep V 3x laced to Black Paul Hubs

Black Sugino rd + Zen Messenger and Shimano

Purple Bassuno saddle and Purple Kalloy Uno Seat Post 25.4 x 350mm

MKS / Bontrager MTB and Purple KMC Z410 bmx chain

46:17, Purple Oury "Jungle Fever" grips

Black metal son. When I'm not looking, it's burning down churches...

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something wicked this way came

this bike is

so metal! rad deep!

A Blaze in the Northern Sky


I love this bike! Pure

I love this bike! Pure evil!




You gotta be kidding me!? Sheer perfection!

XXX Miss Stephanye the
Single Speed Deamon

What length is your top

What length is your top tube?

I passed you a while back doing loops at prospect park, the bike looks amazing in person.


Actual TT is 58 - virtual is

Actual TT is 58 - virtual is 55.5 I think... I ride the 'noni around the park now. Say hi next time.


Lookin slick.


this is the best thing since sliced bread. i dont know if you could have done it any better.


i like the anodized purple looks good brahhh ...

Blacker than the blackest

Blacker than the blackest black times infinity.


Pure Norwegian Black Metal

rules .



ha haha ha

Dimmu sucks

Hail Mayhem, the true MAYHEM !!

Dimmu Borgir...

stole Hellhammer hahaha!!!

THE OG MAYHEM rocks. I hate

THE OG MAYHEM rocks. I hate all that experimetal shit they went through. Gorgoroth and Burzum are this bike's roll models.

i know

hah yeah and if you look at them now its silly...

old school black metal is what im talking about.. ha yeah you know what i mean, John .

p.s. i really wish i could go to Manic too... boo !



looks awesome. metal for

looks awesome. metal for sure.

\m/ \m/

Black Metal!


cheah! - If I could only find my Sacrifyx record now and play that shit backwards.

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