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Bike polo hacker

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I play bike polo down under - this is perfect for it!

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Polo Bike Specs?!

Hi, just wondering if the wheels are 26 or 24 inchs? Which do you think is b3st for playing bike polo.

P.S. could you fill me in on the caracteristics of an excellent polo bike when you have time... I have lots of old bikes so I was thinking of fixing a hole bunch and getting some friends to play... it is an unknow sport here in my neck of the woods, but I would realy love to start creating some intrest for it. Any info on your part in terms of bike specs or anything else would be very appreciated!


Joey Volpe
Madawaska, New Brunswick, Canada

any bike

and every bike for polo.

i ride 26" wheels.
you never really have to worry about toe overlap.
look for something with a steep head tube. ex: my mtb had a suspension fork so took it off and put a rigid fork. brought the frame down alot and made the front end steep as hell. turns hard as hell.
ive rode fixed and f/w prefer f/w. gives you alot less to think about.'

I agree with Donnie - the

I agree with Donnie - the sharper the turns and the better the braking the more effective you will be as a player. You also need a small chain ring for fast acceleration, rather than outright speed.
Feel free to email me if you want to know any more.
It's a great, fun way for a few mates to share some time....
[email protected]


Joey Volpe

I will surely contact you soon... just let the temperature get above 0 degress celcius on a consistant basis and I will start working on building 4-5 polo bikes.


NB Polo

I'm in Miramichi, just moved out from East Vancouver, spring polo'd be great. How long is the drive to Madawaska?

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