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1995 Sancineto SLX/Campagnolo Chorus -57cm

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Gianni Sancineto-Columbus SLX New/57cm/1995

Cinelli Giro d'Italia handlebars/Cinelli XE stem

Columbus fork/Campagnolo Chorus headset

Mavic CXP14/Record hub/Vittoria Rubino or Gipiemme Tecno 416/Gipiemme hub/Michelin Pro race

Mavic CXP14/Record hub/Record Exadrive 8speed cassette, 12-23/Gipiemme Tecno 416/Gipi hub/Michelin Pro Race

Campagnolo Chorus RS/Chorus BB -111mm axle

Selle San Marco Regal/Chorus aero seatpost

Campagnolo Chorus aero/Sram PC-870

Chorus RS FD/RD

Chorus Monoplaner brakes/Athena ergolevers

Record Exadrive 8speed cassette, 12-23/Front chainrings 53-41/Campagnolo Boraccia Biodinamica bottle

Frame was handbuilt by Gianni Sancineto in Cuneo, near Torino. The company is said to have began production in 1919, later on building bikes for teams mainly in northern Europe.

Bike is fast.

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Bike year

very beautiful bike you have, how do you know
what year the bike is made in?
I also have a Sancineto, that's why i'm asking.


Thanks a lot, my frame is stamped "95 OT 576" on the bottom bracket so in a sense it is a qualified guess. But with the soldered eyelets for ergoshifters it kind of makes sense. I'd really like to see yours, hope you upload it here!

The seat lug is gorgeous.

The seat lug is gorgeous. Everything is just perfect, minttt!

Thank you sir! The lugwork

Thank you sir! The lugwork and pantographing is indeed exquisite. ;)

Bottom Bracket

Very Nice Rebuild

I have a mirror chrome finish Sancineto frame which i am about to disassemble, service and rebuild, although i bought the bike as a whole from a fleamarket over a year ago hence know absolutely no specifications with regards to bottom bracket size headset size etc etc, perhaps you can help me out on this and any other specifications your familiar with, particularly BB and Headset specs...

Look forward to hearing back!


Hello, and sorry for the late reply! A full chrome Sancineto sounds absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see pictures of it. Do you know what tubing is used? I would be surprised to see anything less than SLX on a full chrome one.. What does the serial number stamped underneath the BB shell say about year etc? Regarding the BB and headset specs they should be all italian threaded.. At least I know mine takes a 111mm axle italian/70mm shell BB. The frame came with the headset so cant confirm the threading, but really should be italian.



looks like a beauty, and looks like it rides like one as well! When did you build this up and how did you go about finding that 94

Chorus group?

Nice job. The Gipiemmes

Nice job. The Gipiemmes really bring out the beauty in this bike :)

low spoke count

yeah the low-spoke wheels look pretty cool. The whole bike looks so clean and low-profile that it almost looks like a track bike.

Thanks a lot! Yeah, the

Thanks a lot! Yeah, the geometry is pretty tight, makes for a really fun ride.. ;)


this frame is gorgeous... very nice details..

quote: "Very nice, the regal is a beautiful touch."

i also like the colour of the tires matching the rimps


Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot guys for your friendly comments, they are much appreciated given the time and effort I spent to get everything right!

Regarding the chorus group it's a result of a year of careful research on sites like velospace and such combined with finding the right online auctions. The group is not perfect as the brakes are late 80's, but the rest should only differ ~1-2 years in age. I knew little to none when I started looking, but really learned a lot in the process!


looks like a beauty, and looks like it rides like one as well! When did you build this up and how did you go about finding that 94 Chorus group?

Very nice, the regal is a

Very nice, the regal is a beautiful touch.


nice bike! congrats!

nice bike! congrats!

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