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1958 Raleigh Lenton Grand Prix         Featured Bike! on 04/10/2012

Bike tags: Road bike | Cyclo Benelux | Lenton | Raleigh | Reynolds 531
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1958 Raleigh Lenton Grand Prix

Really cool engraved steel bars, GB stem

BH Racelite hub, Dunlop Special Lightweight 27" rim

BH Racelite hub, Dunlop Special Lightweight 27" rim

Williams double crank 46/49 with Raleigh Herons

Brooks B15 Champion Swallow

Cyclo Benelux rod operated front, cable operated rear

It has Weinmanns at the moment, need to dig out some GB's, the ugly yellow cable casing will remind me to change them.

46/49 front, 14/16/18/20 4 speed rear

Been wanting one of these with the "suicide" front derailleur for awhile, found on ebay last Christmas (good time to buy a bike on ebay!). It fits in with my early 50's Lenton Sports, Rudge Clubman, with the SA hubs and my early 60's Lenton Grand Prix 8 speed with front and rear cable operated derailleurs and early 60's Rudge Pathfinder 10 speed with Campy Gran Sport gear.

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really somethin'.

yeah that's really something else.
The engraved handlebars are a real beauty.
Plus I love the graphics on the top and seat tubes
(decals or paint?)
More photos!

sorry haven't been here in awhile

yeah the graphics are cool, they are decals. It's hard to find a lenton grand prix without most of them rubbed off :)


I have this same bike!!, but mine is not so well conserved it's missing a lot of the parts, the only original parts are the frame, crank and the brakes. I bought it from a guy like 3 months ago for 450 I was wondering, how much I could resell it.


Absolutely beautiful, great find, congrats!!

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