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braun byk for all-weather einsatz (now resides in atx)

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soma rush 631 (55cm)

alu risers with big cheese grips on a nitto jaguar

custom columbus steel fork w/chris king

phil wood laced to deep-v 28h

phil wood laced to deep-v 36h

dura-ace track 165mm spinning on an ultegra octalink bb

slr xp on a syncros

gipiemme sprint/wipperman bmx


after finally getting the time, i put the soma back on the streets after being powder coated. this time i built it up with all sealed cartridge bearings, with the exception of the pedals.

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///many thanks///

thanks for everyone for all the great comments.

i miss the carefree brakeless days on this bike; and i'm glad that velospace is here to let this bike live on in this setup and gives me the chance to reminisce now and then.


I agree! This is the best build of a Soma Rush I have seen all the way down to the color scheme! If it were 53cm I would be trying to make an offer for it. Black Phil High Flange to Black V's is such a classy look on any ride and my next wheel set for sure.


nice freakin build! cleanest rush in here.. what fork is that exactly tho? if you dont mind..


a frame builder in zurich named alois iten makes them. he sells them out of his shop located at the velodrome in oerlikon.

Very Nice

Great look to the bike, the brown with the black worked out nicely. Really like how tight the clearance is with that front tire and fork, no daylight there ha.

Now go skid your tire off.


Nice ride man.


Work of Art

Every time I see this bike I wish I had it.
Great job- truly a work of art.

brown soma


clean build.

clean build.

news flash!

after getting sick of seeing the bike with a brake (and since the police have eased up), i removed the heinous front brake. liberation!


...well, i like to look at this picture when i think of the braun-byke, because after being captured and held prisoner for three loooong days by the basel police department, it is now donning a foul forlorn front brake and lever. it's staying strong, but when i'm not looking, i know it's crying...


So how'd that paint job go?

You said you got it powder coated? You do it/have someone else?

Thanks! Looks great!

Love your bike. Definitly

Love your bike. Definitly inspired me to run the NJS stem with my risers


nice and cleannn..
That front wheel clearance is ridiculous!

Sweet Ride



sick bike! Are you liking the chain? Thinking about picking one up

its great ...kind of noisy. i've had it for
a year now with hardly any wear, but i
clean it alot

where are Soma frame made?

In USA or Taiwan?


ral number

do you know the ral number of this brown? plz tell me

whats the length of the

whats the length of the stem?

the stem is 90mm

brown is so fly.

brown is so fly. |

yeah I would love to know

yeah I would love to know where you got to fork from!


this is really an amazing bike


this is the nicest I have ever seen a Soma Rush built.
I had to say it.
The fork is insane!!!
and the wheels!
nice bike!

this bike is

this bike is beautiful.
something about it reminds me of working as a courier in boston.
i love the drop stem with the risers

... baked beans perhaps?

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