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Performa Bici

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Alien / 55 / 2009

Nitto B2500AA / Nitto Pearl

Alien / Tange

Velocity Deep V / Origin 8 / Wobler

Velocity Deep V / Origin 8 / Wobler

Vintage Campagnolo Record Strada w/ Vintage Sugino Super Mighty 46t / Campagnolo Veloce

Vintage Brooks Professional / Nitto NJS Jaguar

MKS Sylvan / Wippermann Whitestar

EAI Superstar 17t

Inspired by Bertelli

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unless you want a

unless you want a core-sample of flesh, plug those bars...


yikes! Keep the look with the straight bars, but definitely plug those ends.

Not really into the straight

Not really into the straight bars, but your pictures are amazing.

what kind of camera do you have?

Nikon D700, those were shot

Yeah theyre either winners or loser (the bars) I like the angularity and architecture look with them. I might put on drops to see how they look and if i like them switch.

Nikon D700, those were shot with the 35mm f/2D came out alright.

Jesus Christ, my Canon Xsi

Jesus Christ, my Canon Xsi feels inadequate.

That background adds to the pictures too, its hard to get great backgrounds like that in the 'burbs.

This is amazing! It looks so

This is amazing! It looks so pure and I'm really digging your handlebar photo. 5 stars for you laddy! *yes, Velospace should have a rating option..

Thanks, it came out great.

Thanks, it came out great. Excited for each ride.


I caught myself looking back a few times on your bike recently. The reason is because I really like the finish on your frame, the rough metal look. I was wondering if you could help me in telling what you've done to it. I presume this is custom? Tried to look it up on the AlienBikes website but couldn't find anything similar. Is it just sanded down and finished with a clearcoat?

Yeah, it was an unfinished

Yeah, it was an unfinished frame from alien that I stripped the phosphorus coat from. I used a combination of orbital sanding with different grits and finished with steel wool. I didn't clear coat the frame as I wanted to keep the dull look, so I wax it, and keep it indoors when Im not riding, for a little bit of protection.

beautiful ride.

beautiful ride.


It's a work of art. nice ride.

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