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Colnago Pista 1978         Featured Bike! on 03/19/2010

Bike tags: Track bike
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Colnago 55x55 1978

all 3TTT

Colnago Chrome

Ambrosio Elite 28" - Campagnolo Sheriff

Ambrosio Elite 28" - campagnolo Sheriff

Campagnolo Record T48

Campagnolo Record - San Marco Concor Superpista

Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Record

No brakes

Campagnolo Record T16


Beautiful bike. But as I understand it, Colnago didn't start stamping the DS chainstay with "Colnago" til the early-mid 80's.

that, and it has a chorus

that, and it has a chorus seatpost and sheriff star hubs.


sono matteozolt, quello di fixedforum! :D
che bella scoperta trovarvi pure qua!
mammamia che bici.. un orgasmo per gli occhi, non ti chiedo neppure quando ci hai speso, sono ancora troppo giovane per prendere un infarto! xD

ps: che modello è il manubrio 3ttt? è strabello, volevo comprarne uno, se si trova ancora..


Dude, very nice ride! One of the greatest track bikes EVER! PERFECT!


Cool bike. Where have you found this picture? it is very cool. I'd love to try it. I bet it is very comfortable and fast. Colnago Bicycles have changed a little ( Colnago bicycles video )but the shapes remained the same. Have you noticed how thin the tires are. Amazing!

The opitome of italian craftsmanship, just amazing!

I love the look of this thing with those sheriff stars, beautiful! Put some anodized MA-40's and it'd be even badder!

What a treasure!

What a treasure!


I mean, insane build - drooling!

very nice pictures

The seat post is from the chorus line...

A very, very, very nice bike!


Very classy.......

The hubs adds a nice to touch to your bike. Nice to see an all Italian build with no bullshit.

Corsa Record didn't show up

Corsa Record didn't show up until 1985. Great bike!

Campagnolo Record showed up

Campagnolo Record showed up before you were born in the 60's. Corsa???? No this is Campagnolo PISTA Nuovo Record!!!!!

C Record.

Nice battle I seemed to have started. I was simply referring to the hubs on this bike as not being from 1978 as listed. These hubs did not start until atleast 1985 under the C-Record groupo. Also, know as Corsa Record. Not to be confused with some of the N-record parts on this bike, or the Chorus seatpost.
Introduction of C-Record (C = Corsa) group. Super Record cranks without milled flutes (first produced with engraved logo and later with laser-etched logo) derived from the 1983 Anniversary group cranks. Also Super Record seat post without milled flutes to match new Super Record cranks.

C Record =

corsa record

C Record=

C Record = C-180. Corsa what????????

Record have two type of

Record have two type of equipment:
C= Record
S= Super Record

The Campagnolo Record Equipment Complete Type are:

Campagnolo Record (the First type)
Campagnolo Record C (the Second Type from 1985)
Campagnolo Record S (the Third Type from 1973)

All Campagnolo Componets are made:

We may not be Italian but we

We may not be Italian but we all knew that. I was pulling my friend Hrrundel leg.

FYI. Campagnolo gran comp (1st type)
nuovo record. "strada/pista"
super record. "strada/pista"
c-record. "pista/strada"
chorus/athena/croce d'aune.
but I never heard of campagnolo corsa.

Oh yeap... i undestand my

Oh yeap... i undestand my error...

Sorry... it's my error of writing :)

it's all good


"...all parts are made in the 1978."

sheriff star?

This bike

This bike is awesome.

wow, now that is a truly

wow, now that is a truly classy build!!!!

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