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Surly Atomic #79

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Commuter | candy | fixie | more tags >>
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Surly Steamroller 56cm


Surly\Chris King

Phil Wood\Velocity Deep-V\Panaracer Stradius Pro

Phil Wood\Velocity Deep-V\Panaracer Stradius Pro

Sugino 75\Sugino 75

Fizik Arione\Miche Supertype\Hope Seat Clamp

Crank Brothers Candy Ti\Izumi ESH

EAI Gold Medal 17T\Sugino 75 47T\MKS Chain Tensioner

1st Fixie built from ground up.

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This is the bike that's inspiring my build. Will have a burnt orange and forest green color scheme with the black frame, fork, cranks, and pedals.

Your bike looks fantastic... nice work.


Very nice color scheme. It has a Steampunk feel to it.


... but looks fragile as hell

are you retarded it has

are you retarded it has phill wood hubs , its indestructible

Love it

This bike is one of the few that I show my friends when I want to show them a perfect build.

Your attention to detail shows. Good work.

Now go skid your tire off.

Thanks much! (to you and to

Thanks much! (to you and to everyone that has commented).
The Devil is in the details!
Wish I would ride it more but it needs a brake since my knee starts to killin me skiddin' (¿age?!)...ahh, but my cheapo Schwinn has a front brake O_o

Excellent job.


First build

Amazing job! I just posted my first build, check it out and let me know what you think.

1rst fixie

1st place results.


After looking at this, I feeling like heading to the shop. This is one beautiful bike. I love it.

Love your bike... the pics!.. good skills in building and photoshop!

Well Done!

You did a great job with your build! I'm working on my black'n'gold build right now as well, the red is a nice touch!

I Happen To Enjoy The Colors

I Happen To Enjoy The Colors Of This Bike and How They Were Pulled Off. Good Job
Fixie Drew

That is freaking sexy...

Beautiful Build. I have the same F/F and I didn't recognize it as a Steamroller. Hot.

Very nice.

Very nice.

That's a nice one! Pretty

That's a nice one! Pretty cool pix too ...


thats one hot steamroller


i picked the same headset/bullhorn combo. love your bike!

Black and gold... a truly stunning color scheme for a bike. You've got a sweet ride there!!


A freestyler guy goes fixed and look what happens. Leaving me in the dust from day 1. Good job Moe! I'm just glad I didn't lay this one down.


yeah boy, made my day!


Nice build up and a well taken picture!

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