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MA40/Shimano Sante/Vittoria

Mavic Open Pro CD/Phil Wood low-flange

Sugino 75




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Nice build dude. How much does she weigh?


It has an almost old school look to it, like from the '80s. Good work!! I usually don't like white tires, but you blew that idea out of the water on this one!! Gotta get my hands on a BK, thanks for sharing!!


i really want a turbo saddle now. been debating on getting one for my next bike and this pic def did it for me. nice digs man. is it NOS or the reissue? im gonna say NOS.

Thanks! The saddle is from

Thanks! The saddle is from my mid 80s Peugeot Sante. Kinda bummed about my denim stains on it though.

magic erasers

magic erasers


my buddy uses those for his white saddle. i think the whole denim stain used look is what makes it kill. i had a used turbo from the 80's and gave it to a friend. i kick myself in the ass everyday. it was before i really knew anything about track bikes. life fail. i think im def gonna invest in a NOS for my next legit build.

pretty dope

im thinking of getting one as my commuter. i have a godzilla right now and i love it. im really feeling that ma40 in the front. my next wheelset is ma40 to dura ace


thanks! but, i, eventually, want to get an open pro/phil for the front. i just took that ma40 from my old road bike for now and it works just fine.

godzillas are dope. i probably would have bought one of those, but i got a really great deal on this frame.

godzillas definitely look very similar to the bareknuckles but is very different in tubing and construction (from what i gathered off of the bike biz's website).

What's the point of getting

What's the point of getting a bk if you already have a godzilla?
The differences between the frames are slight.

i ride my godzilla on the

i ride my godzilla on the track. i want a bareknuckle for daily commuting and things like that.

Why not get an alien or some other less expensive frame set?

You'll almost be able to build up the entire bike for what you would pay for the bk frame if you play your cards right.

ill actually be able to get

ill actually be able to get the bk brand new for much cheaper then i could get most frames for.

haha oh ok.

Well nevermind then, you lucky bastard.

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