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Bianchi Pista Concept

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Bianchi Pista Concept









Baby Charlie Concept

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Haters gunna hate.

great place for a brake..

Damn Velospace Haters!!

The bike is GOOD looking & a Very nice build
Either your jealous and just hating OR just being a DIck


i dont realy se the bad side to the brake, looks pretty suttle, if your chain or anything brake you still have a back up plan, i been thinking about it on my old roadbike conversion becouse brakeless is a lil worrying with old parts but i still like riding with no brake lever in sight

wow people hate so damn hard

wow people hate so damn hard on this site for nothing, i think that's a choice way to get out of a ticket, maybe mounting it upsidedown so you can still do trackslides would be more proper but either way stick with it.
all the people that talk so much shit should just get off their computer and go ride a bike.

Nice gear ratio...

Nice gear ratio. Is your name Fabian? Looks alittle hard for all that sweet urban your getting yourself into. Cops don't hate brake less bikes on tracks.

why why why?? FAIL

why why why?? FAIL


You built it nice and clean, so clean that you make me want to buy another Pista Concept so I can use it to train for road cycling. I won't forget to get a 650c and risers so that I can clear barspins to do tricks though, damn I miss having my fixie!

i just cant

do that to my concept! ITS WRONG!! cops in seattle don't care about the brakeless thing, but if they did....fuck them id still ride....just in the day time id ride a beater with a front brake.

brake fail

brake fail

Oh Christ. Here we go with

Oh Christ. Here we go with another bike on Velospace with the brake mounted on the seatpost. Ugh.

Rip that shit off of there man. Seriously. Not only does it looks stupid, but there is no way you could reach down there and react quick enough to squeeze that in the case you needed to stop fast. Plus, it's on the rear anyway, which is fixed and you can use your legs to slow down the rear wheel!

Get rid of that shit.

dear you idiot, it is a

dear you idiot,

it is a legal way to ride brakeless. the brake obviously isn't meant for functional purposes.

Seriously, the cops are that

Seriously, the cops are that strict about the brakeless thing? I would just say the bike has a coaster brake and do a skid for them. There is enough videos on YouTube about people stopping a track bike just as quickly as a bike with a coaster brake, I did not think this was a problem in any cities. Damn.

Well...if it prevents getting a ticket, good. However, it does not change the fact that it looks stupid as hell.

I guess what I find so stupid is that you could have the EXACT same brake setup, with same brake, lever and cable, set up PROPERLY to where it's actually useful on the front wheel. This would not be any more difficult to setup, nor would it add any more parts or weight, and it would not only put your brake in a more functional place, but it would not make you look like an idiot. Soooo... Why not just install it properly?

gotta keep the errorspoke

yea no, there is really no way of arguing with the sith cops here. they're pretty absolute.

did the rear because we gotta keep front errorspoke super non-machined for street cred yo~ and barspinzzzzzzzzzzzzz

You're a joke. Why not just

You're a joke. Why not just install the brake right. Even if you don't use it, it could still help you out. It looks worse off right there then it does on your bars. Also sweet gear ratio. What track do you ride it on? Oh wait...

I'm quite

I'm quite cannot barspin this bike.


Sacramento/davis/roseville (northern california) cops are lame as fuck when it comes to riding brakeless they hand out fix it tickets. They use the Portland Oregan court case where a defendent used his 'legs' as the braking device on a fixed gear. the judge said legs are not a device and he lost the case.

When life gives you lemons, just say 'Fuck the lemons,' and bail.

its not a "lame fix it

its not a "lame fix it tickets" anymore, its a 0 ticket and the possibility of getting your bike impounded. I live in Sacramento and the whole brake thing has pretty much calmed down over here but in Davis the cops still take it pretty seriously. Telling them its a coaster brake is a good way to get in a lot more trouble for lying to a cop. The seat post mounted brake is obviously not meant to be functional, it actually more of a protest, like your getting us on a technicality, so will we. Otherwise yeah a front mounted usable brake would probably be a more popular choice.

good luck trying to skid on

good luck trying to skid on that to prove a point. lucky for him davis is pretty flat


That thing is embarrassing.



Colored Lettering

Whoa, sick build!
How'd you get the lettering white?

A bunch of hipsters jizzed

A bunch of hipsters jizzed all over the once black lettering at the same time to get it white.

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