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1975 Peugeot         Featured Bike! on 03/3/2010

Bike tags: Single speed | french | peugeot | touring
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54cm Peugeot Touring

Nitto B-601 Promenade / Nitto Technomic

Stock / Dura-ace

Dura-ace w/ Mavic CXP22

Dura-ace w/ Mavic CXP22

170mm Campagnolo Strada / Campagnolo Chorus

Selle San Marco Rolls


42x16 / Tektro Long-reach Calipers / Vintage Touring Levers / Cork Grips / Honjo Fenders / Wicker Basket

I built this Peugeot up for my best friend. Stripped the frame and hand-painted everything with sign painters paint and clear coated the lot. Awesome to build and she loves it.

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would you happen to know what kind of dropouts those are?


SICK! Nice work, everything goes great together

This is how it's done right...


This bike is gorgeous. It

This bike is gorgeous. It has inspired me to maybe do something similar with a UO-8 frame that I just acquired.

You said that it is hand-painted. What exactly do you mean? Did you sand it down and use spray paint? Or do you have a compressor? I am curious as to how this was done, if you have time to respond.

Thanks! I sanded everything


I sanded everything down (bloody nightmare) and then used sign-painters paint. After I covered the whole shibang with clearcoat. Very low budget and very unpro. BUT. People seem to think it turned out well. It's going on 4 years now and, other than city riding scuffs and scratches, the paint still looks pretty good. There ya have it, for what it's worth!

"sign painters paint"

Beautiful bike! What exactly do you mean "sign-painters paint"? I searched online and didn't find out much. What brand did you use? Is it from the hardware store? I assume it's not a spray on paint, but do you paint it on with a brush? Also, I stripped the paint off of my Raleigh rebuild ( with some spray on paint stripper from Lowes and it worked really well. Took a total of about 2 hours to remove all of the paint before I powder coated it.

absolutely beautiful

This is one of the most beautifully built bikes ive ever seen,, well done, and classy!!! Just great

cheers st. louis


Where did you get those fenders? Or are they random?

The fenders are Honjo 700c

The fenders are Honjo 700c Smooth. More here:

I can't, for the life of me, remember where I bought them though.

you can get them at

exceptional and inspiring bike.

very nice and clean

very nice and clean bike...


is a piece of art. Absolutely gorgeous.

breaks and wheels

hey so i assume you got the new wheels and fit the new breaks to the long did that take you to find a match....i mean the frame is vintage and all the spacing is @#[email protected] up

it wasn't that big a deal; i

it wasn't that big a deal; i just tossed some long reach calipers on and called it a day.

very classy present

Gotta be the best gift a girl can get.

Purtiest Bike I ever seen

So cyoot, so purty.

This bike...

passes me in my dreams.

smooth and classy

Seriously, nothing better than a good looking townie.

Lovely Build! Just curious

Lovely Build! Just curious as to whether the Dura-ace hubs track hubs. Did you have many issues with hub-spacing and chainline?

Nope, no issues at all. Just

Nope, no issues at all. Just had to coldset the frame and everything lined right up.


Super clean and classy! It's just pure perfection!


That's beautiful.

A beauty!

I love the French Blue, and the white Rolls. Just a delightful little machine for a very lucky girl!


go team nervex!

Simply Beautiful

Very nice paint job. I love the white on the lugs. The whole bike is very tastefully done.

Original BB

I just bought a 70's Peugeot & need a french threaded bb..Did you use original, & if not..where'd you get one? Very pretty bike Btw!

1975 Peugeot

Absolutely beautiful build. Looking for a frame to start one for my gal as well. May I ask, where can one find brake levers like those vintage touring? Happy riding!

Thanks, she loves it. Just

Thanks, she loves it. Just do a search for "touring levers" on ebay they should pop up. They're kinda crappy however as they're not spring loaded. I've been looking around for something to replace them but my search has been fruitless.

Try Shimano R440 levers.

Try Shimano R440 levers. Nice, brushed metal finish and good action. They have them for less than at


Velo Orange has some similar for eleven bucks a pair. Love that place.

Does this site not let you type numbers or dollar signs? What's up with that?

I suspect dollar signs are

I suspect dollar signs are stripped out to guard against SQL injection attacks. Try a space between the $ and the number.


I really do like this bike!

beautiful job

Now that is one very nice restoration/transformation. Congratulations !!!


i would love to spin this thing around chicago with a little dog in the front [cool ass bike].love the lugs.

best. conversion. ever.

This bike is pure class. I love how the Nervex lugs are highlighted. Sweet!

This is a beautiful bike.

I especially love how the mavic's, mks's, and white selle are really nice modern bike parts but they seem like they could have come stock on this bike.

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