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Bianchi Pista Concept

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2007 Bianchi Pista Concept

Answer ProTaper or Nitto RB-018/Thomson

Concept Fork/Tange Integrated


Suzue/Velocity Deep-V (32H)


Easton/Selle San Marco



I love this ride.

Upgrades to come: seat post, saddle, smaller cranks, and straps.

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awesome setup!!


One word

is that thomson -+15 degree?

is that thomson -+15 degree?

DUDE! OMG! That aerospoke is

DUDE! OMG! That aerospoke is SO SICK!!! Your MASH sticker is too cool. and the bandana is to die for! But best of all is that sick pic of you humping your stem like its the last girl on earth!!!!'
You loose



loving the fact that the

loving the fact that the only word you misspelled was "lose"

but yeah this bike is gaudy as hell


is that thomson -+15 degree?


bike man.


how much for the bike?

Wassssup gai! Das da light

Wassssup gai! Das da light bicycle! Good gai!


what size is your bike

is it a 51 ?

aww this is cleann

aww this is cleann

What you claim, fool!??

What you claim, fool!??

very nice.

very nice.

sj fixed

i know some of you guys. I rode with tina a bunch of times. maybe we'll ride one time. you know anyone my way davis/sac? i go to school in davis and have no one to ride with.

Nice concept.

Mine is almost identical but im thinking of putting the aero in back and getting a lighter 650c in the front.


wassup bro! it's jude. i gotta add you on my new shit i'm starting in sac. cya soon.

What's going on Jude? Man,

What's going on Jude? Man, you have to come down and ride with the San Jose crew.

What's going on with your ride now-a-days?

sell me your aerospoke :)

sell me your aerospoke :)

Once I get a Hed3, you'll be

Once I get a Hed3, you'll be the first to get the indestructible Aerospoke.

Indestructable my ASS!!!!!

White Pista Concept Tempe AZ

hey man

i saw you riding over the summer near west san carlos

i was just looking around online and found your' bike.

i recognized the pista concept/front aerospoke and here you are.


thanks man. you should

thanks man. you should definitely come out Tuesdays for our SJFixed rides.


This is how my bike should look...damn!

So clean.

So clean.

looking fly man

I got me a pair of gold risers on my ride now as well
but 2 inches


You look like Jerry Hsu . Yo, sell me your Aerospoke, Jerry .

ha sorry.

ha sorry.

no worriessss

Its coool, I got one . Woo !

Now I wanna powdercoat it all matte black . Stupid silver machined walls look ugly .


You look like Jerry Hsu . Yo, sell me your Aerospoke, Jerry .

finally. its done.

Looks good man! Now its done, lets ride.

That's a perfect one for my

That's a perfect one for my white cluster!

looks nice :) maybe needs a

looks nice :) maybe needs a link or two removed?

way ahead of you. i

way ahead of you. i shortened the chain earlier today and adjusted the seat height. but thank you for the advice.

the bike looks sick built

the bike looks sick built up
actually looks like it could fly haha

how'd ya score that?

I thought they weren't gonna sell frame set?

hurry and build it I wanna see it.

i thought so too, it took me

i thought so too, it took me awhile to track down. finally Freewheel in SF had my size and would sell it as a frameset.

i'm just waiting for parts to come in and some more funds to finish it.

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