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Bangarang! Mercier

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Mercier Kilo TT/ 2010

Nashbar TT / Black Generic Stem

SRAM Omnium

Perforated Selle Italia Flite/ Kalloy

MKS Sylvans, Soma Quad Gates, Cadence Doubles and Doublizers/ KMC Z 1/8" chain

48t SRAM chainring/ 17t Surly Cog


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Woo! Twinsies..

Woo! Twinsies..

Yeah Omniums rock! Looks

Yeah Omniums rock! Looks great on the Kilo

Looks great man- hopefully i

Looks great man- hopefully i can run into you on campus and sit on the bike- need to know what kilo size i need- im a bit shorter than you, so i bet yours is bigger- where you in class? park it outside?

i normally have it either

i normally have it either locked up on the bike racks by schilletter on MWF around lunchtime and then by hunter on TTH at lunchtime. you can definitely test it out though!

Sweet man how does it

Sweet man how does it ride?
I wish mine was a 53 instead of the 56 I woulda had more fun with mine ;]

Man, it is awesome! I guess

Man, it is awesome! I guess anything would be better compared to a conversion, but it is great! Yeah.. but you have an IRO now that those things are sweet.

Thinking about getting a Kilo Frame

I was looking at getting a 53cm as well. How tall are you?

I am right at 5'11" with a

I am right at 5'11" with a 32" inseam and it fits perfect!

53? for 5'11?

That's what my 5'6 wife rides. You'll have to put in some massive seat post to get your legs right for power transfer on the down stroke. Not only that, but I would be interested to know where you knee is at the mid stroke. That frame is just too small for your size. You might be able to use it, but moving to a proper size would really yield far better results, performance-wise.

Define "fit"

My girlfriend has this bike, is 5'7 and it "fits" her. I'm 6'0 with 32" inseam and feel very cramped on it when I spin it around to test parts every now and then.

I feel comfortable on it and

I feel comfortable on it and I don't feel cramped. The reach down to the handlebars is just right.

Thanks for the info. I've

Thanks for the info. I've read tons of forums trying to figure out what size to get since their measurements are a little different. i'm also 5'11" so a 53 it is.

53 at 5'11?

That's too damn small. While it might feel tossable, you wont be able to generate full power on it. That is a few sizes too small at the least.

Obviously there's going to

Obviously there's going to be some variation in terms of limb and torso lengths between people of equal height. With that said, unless one has a freakishly deviant body type, 53 cm seems really, really small for someone who is 5'11". Before I bought my bike, I paid my LBS to do a proper fitting. I'm only 5'10"; 56 cm was the correct seat tube length for me based on the measurements they took.


Yep. Sadly, it's been quite a while so I'm wondering if ye olde Gear Junky wandered down the road less traveled of a 53cm frame solution for a 5'11 body.

i could barely stand over my

i could barely stand over my last bike, so i tried to get the correct size based on my inseam. i'll be the first to admit that i regret not getting the bigger bike.

Rufio, Rufio RU-FI-OOOOOOO

Rufio, Rufio RU-FI-OOOOOOO

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