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Angel - White & Gold Fixed Gear         Featured Bike! on 09/15/2010

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eighthinch scrambler / 51cm / 2010

Nitto Aluminium drops / Hope XC

eighthinch / hope

miche pista hubs / velocity deep v / fyxation tires

miche pista hubs / velocity deep v / fyxation tires

origin 8 cranks

charge spoon / sixpack racing post / salsa collar

brick lane bikes pedals / kmc chain


dia compe calliper / gold finger lever



The nice sunny photos are from the beginning of the year when I first "finished" this bike, but I've updated it with dark brown Ourys on Nitto drops and some brown and white Fyxation tires. Also chucked my old brown Spoon saddle on, not quite the right brown but I can't afford a Brooks right now... Can't think of anything else (after the saddle) that I want to do to this one so I might have to move on to the next project...

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Your dims

Thinking of buying this frame for my GF to build for her. Out of curiosity, what is your height/inseam measurement if you wouldn't mind? I'm trying to see if the 51 would be good for her. Thanks!

Cashews, Pecans and Macadamia


Nice job

this really turned out well and it seems that you were able to match all your golds pretty well. nice touch with the gold cable housing. Go Gold!

True work of art!

I'm an aussie just getting in to building funky bikes.
This bike is awesome. The workmanship and colour matching is a credit to you - love it!!!


This is clean. I appreciate the work. Just the right ratio of gold to white.


Nice bike,but doesn't look like 51cm more like 49,are you shure it's 51?
Because i'am going to buy that frame,but yours 51 seems very small.


It is 51, I haven't measured it but I imported it and it said 51 on the box. It does feel a tiny bit bigger than my paddy wagon which is 49cm.


Not sure what the hating is all about - obviously this is a pimp bike: totally OTT.
Clearly not a workhorse intended to swallow much mileage. It has white tires! Come on! It's fucking rad - good work.

ummmmm? hey hey hellooooooooooooooooo!.........RAD!

my bike turn heads also!.....ooh snaps!


its just...too much stuff going on


All You Haters Grip My Touch Points

Literally turns heads

it's called rubbernecking. your bike reminds me of elvis circa 1976

tack bike.

way over done. :/

way over done. :/

I see the recession isn't

I see the recession isn't hurting this cat-daddy

agree w poootweet



No offense to your tastes. but. there is such thing as being too kitschy. I mean, no foot retention, no grips, no gloves, this shit is ridiculous, why didn't you just go buy a republic bicycle from UO.

hmmmmm? no foot

hmmmmm? no foot retention........i think thats what the brake is for!
why are u hating hard on this guy?


thanks for sticking up for me dude.

and i'm a girl by the way. see, girls like shiny things... and Elvis.


Your illiciting opinions by putting your shit on here. Sorry I called you a guy, but I didn't see anything that really told me one way or the other besides your shaved lower leg come to think of it.

Everyone gets into this "ride your bike" funk, I mean come on man, everyone rides their fucking bike, is that even a real attitude toward anything?

Yeah, it's your money and your bike. I know that, of course. If you like tacky, ride it with pride, just saying that if this is what your going for it belies something that is wrong with fixed gear culture. pointless color coordination with no point. At least ppl who do fgfs have a thing to do. This is the vehicle you bike 2 blocks down to starbucks and look out the window at people who stop and stare and ask you what kind of bike it is.

It's just fixed gears already have less utility than something with gears. by further reducing it to this, it just hurts. I can live with an aerospoke, but this is like you went to a bike shop and mechanics are shaking their heads while they lace white spokes to golden deep v's.


Wow. I think you just demonstrated 'what is really wrong with fixed gear culture' right there. Think about it. You just judged me entirely on this shiny bike. Apparently by colour coordinating it, I've just raped the 'fixed gear culture'. Take a step back. No real person actually cares whether I've made a fixed gear bike out of white and gold parts, there is no bicycle building ettiqutte.

You saw a few pics of my bike and assumed you knew all about me, where I ride it, the mechanic who built it and this whole idiot hipster personality that I must have because I built a gold bike. Email me if you're ever near Cheltnham so we can go to the pub and get a pint. That's the only way you'll find out how wrong you are.


You're playin' yourself fool!

and full chrome bag

and full chrome bag attire/clothing...seriously?

I know I should be mildly

I know I should be mildly offended by these comments but... the thing is, this bike isn't serious... that Elvis comment is EXACTLY what I was going for! You've no idea how happy I am someone mentioned that. Touch points? Who needs 'em? Look at my Paddy Wagon to see what I actually ride, this bike just exists to look good. (read 'tacky' if you want)

Tongue firmly in cheek.

Go have some fun and build something ridiculous, I did and it wasn't that expensive...

And full Chrome outfit? Umm... actually they're just shoes. Everything else: not Chrome. That's not to say I don't have 4 of their bags, but how would you even know that?

good for you

personally i'd like you bike much more if it reminded me of elvis circa 1950 or buddy holly or something, rather than the wack bloated jumpsuit elvis. however, the fact that you love your bike and all that jazz is what it's all about. props.

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